Frankie Boyle hidden in GTA IV

OXM UK writes: "Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle can be found hidden in the DLC for The Lost And The Damned.

Boyle can be found performing a stand-up routine at the Split Sides comedy club. Rockstar even motion captured him for authenticity - you can check the credits at the end of The Lost And The Damned if you don't believe us.

"It's highlights from his live act plus at least one GTA IV in-joke," says GTA IV madman and OXM editor Jon Hicks (in that order). "See him at the Split Sides comedy club on Frankfort Ave, one block over and down a bit from Star Junction."..."

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This man is hilarious, my favourite comedian.

He's filthy minded, nut he's worth looking up lol

kharma453584d ago

I love Frankie. He's awesome on Mock the Week :D

Though Dara O'Briain is better, if you ever get the chance to see him live, jump at it, he's unreal!

Johnny_Cojones3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

He's as easily accessible as the comedians in GTA 4 were.

He was pretty funny, too.

It'd be awesome if they got Louis C.K. for the next DLC.

kwyjibo3584d ago

He's the only reason why Mock the Week is worth watching - no one tears into subjects as much and as well as this guy does.

bloop3584d ago

Actually went to split sides last night and saw this just off chance. He's one of the best comedians out there, f*ckin hilarious.