Adventure Island : a new beginning on Wii

LiveWii : "Hudson Soft brings us an all new game based on Master Higgins' adventures. It will hit WiiWare during April in Europe and here are the first screenshots. Enjoy this 'back to the future' feeling !"

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ChickeyCantor3582d ago

I love it =D.
Now do more of oldschool games like this.

LKane3581d ago


oldschool is right

Product3582d ago

i wish it had alittle more 2d charm like the new wii remake klonoa game................Hudson give me a Bonk wiiware game in with Klonoa gfx........regardless its great to see a retro gem remade.

Foxgod3581d ago


Sega, plz do the same thing and give us Wonderboy!!!

NMC20073581d ago

*flashes his Slave2DaController Signal*
You will finally turn your Wii back on, maybe. lolz.

slave2Dcontroller3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

AND YOU KNOW THIS....MAAAANNNNN!!! I'm gonna have to get a duster first. The signal shun like the Thunder Cat sign.. HOOOOOOO!! LOLZ