Joystiq Review: Halo Wars (Xav de Matos)

Xav de Matos writes: "Halo Wars is a good game but there are a few things that just didn't sit well with me.

There really isn't much of a tech tree. Players can typically research nearly every upgrade for weapons, soldiers and bases in the span of one match (against the computer, specifically), so I never got the impression that I needed to decide where I would focus my time. Units only have between one and five upgrades -- that may sound like a lot but research completes rather quickly and eventually you'll be left with nothing to spend resources on.

While I agree the controls work extremely well, it isn't going to do for the console RTS what the Halo did for console shooters. Mainly, they sometimes seem too simple. For example, you cannot assign control groups. You can select all units, individual units or local units but cannot create platoons of multiple unit types without cheating the system by manually moving units around..."

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