Joystiq Review: Halo Wars (Richard Mitchell)

Richard Mitchell writes: "Halo Wars is a loaded game. For one, it's the first Halo title developed outside of Bungie, and you can bet Microsoft doesn't want anyone killing its golden goose. Furthermore, the developers have touted the control scheme since the game was first announced, allowing myself and others to hope that it might, just might, do for console RTS games what Halo did for console FPS games. And then, of course, it's the last game from Ensemble Studios ... ever. That's a lot to live up to.

I won't bother explaining the control scheme – you can try it out yourself. Players of EA's console RTS games (LOTR, Command & Conquer) will find it familiar, yet much simpler. Everything just works. Constructing buildings and training units is a snap. Scrolling through squads is easy (no need to assign them either, the computer handles it). Selecting units and issuing orders is a breeze. Even in the middle of battle, it's simple to issue orders to individual units. Put simply, if your infantry is being slagged by a Wraith, you won't have any trouble getting a Spartan to hijack it..."

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