What happened to cheat codes? Paying for Unlocks

I'm sure you all remember the Skate 2 "unlock" download content. For $5, you could unlock every secret item in the game. Nothing new was added for the unlock, it's just for people who don't feel like beating the game. Well, this just showed up on the download content circuit this week: Burnout Paradise Time Savers Pack ($4.99) "Pressed for time? Love the cars? Want to have them all NOW? This one's for you." My question is: what happened to cheat codes?

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vhero3588d ago

I miss the days of cheat codes to unlock stuff its the only downfall to DLC :(

ThanatosDMC3587d ago

I know, you have to buy the "cheat" guns and armor for Dead Rising.

ThanatosDMC3587d ago

Oops, i meant Dead Space. Yeah, y'all could notice that i want to slaughter zombies with a bench as soon as possible.

Clance3588d ago

to make money if you can get it. can't believe people actually pay for this stuff though... What ever happened to forcing your little brother to play through the game! ? ;o)

chrisjc3588d ago

Hahahah I love it. Yes! Forcing my little bro to play some bad games to unlock stuff was awesome.

UltimateIdiot9113587d ago

Lol, those days are great. It helps little bros build character.

CrayzeeCarl3588d ago

My take on the fall of cheat codes is that you used to have to buy a guide for $19.99 to find out the cheat codes, but now everyone can get them online for free, so they started charging to unlock content.

Ziriux3588d ago

Cheat codes, they made it fun back than, now it's different, since gaming has never been more adult and mature as a whole, not counting the multiplayer community in halo 3 and such.

RebornSpy3588d ago

but I don't really mind their general absence this generation. I really just used them to avoid challenges, and that wasn't good.

Some games, the most notable being GTA4, still have cheat codes. I wouldn't really say that DLC was the fall of cheats.

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