Teamxbox: Halo Wars Review

Teamxbox: So the story is good, the controls are great, it does right by the Halo license, what's left? How about the A.I.? Is it challenging? Unfortunately, this is one arena in which Halo Wars stumbles a bit. It's not that the game is too easy or too hard. The problem is, it's both. It's either too easy or too hard. It's never in-between, where I feel like I'm truly evenly matched with the A.I. It never once surprised me or made me think, which is a bummer. I may always have multiplayer, but I would love an A.I. match that felt even.

There are some other quibbles with the game. No Covenant campaign comes quickly to mind. Let's hope they're saving that for downloadable content. But really, nothing else to slam the game about. Halo Wars is undoubtedly fun; one just worries if it's not enough for one group of gamers and too much for another. If you're part of that middle ground like I believe I am, then you'll love Halo Wars as much as I did.

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