IGN: Halo Wars UK review

IGN: "It will be 20 years until Master Chief becomes the go-to Spartan for Covenant-baiting, and we're in an age long before crouching nervously behind rocks while your shield recharges has been fully embraced. Yet one of the greatest achievements of Halo Wars, of which there are two, is that - despite its top-down strategic tendencies and its non-Bungie (and dearly departed) developer - the whole affair is covered in thick layers of musky UNSC-scent. The grunts quibble, scream and whine. Warthogs bounce in a cheerily familiar way. Explosions are meaty and frequently blue. The storyline is mystical and slightly wonky, yet delivered in stunningly-rendered CG cut-scenes. In fact, the only thing missing is a command to make your Spartan warriors repeatedly crouch on each others' faces."

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DelbertGrady3581d ago

Good enough for me to get it, but the demo already had me convinced =)

Montrealien3581d ago

yeah, love the Halo universe and the Demo sold it to me at the menu screens. Glad to see it`s getting well received and can;t wait to jump into this story.

btw, if anyone wants a flame decaled warthog for when the game launches, I have Five codes to give away, send me a tell and I`ll hook up the first 5.

ceedubya93581d ago

Demo hooked me. I wonder how many other people are getting sucked into this game because of the demo?

What month Feb-March is becoming. Halo Wars, SF4, RE5, Star Ocean, and Killzone 2. All within weeks and days of each other. Crazy.

DelbertGrady3581d ago

5 disagrees for that? Wow...

mrdxpr23581d ago

It seems u are not to popular with the people lol... or theres and itch for the disagree button

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shyam1520073581d ago

It looks like a Giant Enemy Crab!

Pebz3581d ago

Technically a Giant Enemy Scarab.

Panthers3581d ago

Wish this would come to PC someday