Western Launch Date For Aion

In an open letter to fans, NCsoft Community Manager Lani "Liv" Blazier confirms the MMO 'AION' is due for release in Europe and North America in the Autumn of 2009.

Reasons were also given for the delay of the release, such as the time it has taken to translate the game into English.

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Leord3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Oh, that's HUGE!

Edit, it's a typo, should be:

"Oh, that's got potential to be huge!"

GameGambits3583d ago

I remember when I did a lot of research on this game weekly, but after a while my interest just died out due to lack of new information.

Glad to see we'll see it this year. Hope for them that SquareEnix doesn't announce their new Final Fantasy MMO at E3 this year. If they do I'll pass up on Aion haha. I played Final Fantasy XI for 6 years as my MMO of choice, and a new FF MMO by the same development team will easily take another 6 without trying.

NaiNaiNai3583d ago

this is trying to compete with WoW, not FF11, which ive played them both, and FF11 is just blah and boring, i only made it to lvl 10, then i was tired of it, at least i made it to lvl 60 on WoW, game was more enjoyable but both lacked the effort to have players playing together. FF11 has that, but it starts a little late. and WoW has it but now its after lvl 80, but at least that games fun to play alone.

i have a good strong feeling this game is going to pull people from both, nice to know a release date though.

Dorjan3583d ago

Time will tell if this will be as big over here as it is over there!

Leord3583d ago

Yeah, likely not, but still. Might be one of those that can at least make a microscopic dent in WoW's big belly...

Maticus3583d ago

This game does look stunning, really.

Leord3583d ago

Yes, I really must agree with you on that one. I wish WoW could upgrade its graphics....

thetamer3583d ago

That's cool, I'll look forward to chekcing that out. Ididn't know that there was goign to be a european release

Leord3583d ago

Yeah, there are a lot of those fly-by-night games in the East, and most of them never really reaches us. Nice to see this one though, the graphics are awesome.