1UP:HALO WARS review

1UP:"Is this the "Halo game that RTS fans will enjoy / RTS game that Halo fans will enjoy"?"

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TOO PAWNED3583d ago

I told you it will be mediocre.

GamerPS3603583d ago

It is great RTS for console. I have not played any RTS and Halo Wars is easy enough for me to get into, at least, judging by DEMO.

I didn't like Halo1, didn't play 2 and didn't like Halo3 (not saying bad games but it was just my type of shooting) but I am very excited for Halo Wars. It actually replaced SF4 from my buy list (buying it later).

I will be getting this game along with KZ2 and RE5 on release date.

sofocado3583d ago

Since when B = Mediocre? C = mediocre this is a good game.

caladbolg7773583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Giving a "B" to Halo Wars is being generous. Have you actually played this game before, sofocado? It's the very definition of mediocre. That's not a bad thing. But it's not a great thing either. It's just OK. HW does some things pretty well, but it disappoints in a lot of other areas. The positives and negatives balance out and you end up with a mediocre gaming experience.

I don't want to spoil it for you. Just go out and play it. Also, my girlfriend worked on this title. In that way, I may even be giving it TOO MUCH credit. Maybe?

Edit: The score has been posted on metacritic. The numeric value ended up being a 75/100.

TIKUP3583d ago

FLOP ahahaha

also anyone read gamesraders review now thats what im talking about lol

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