Street Fighter IV drives console sales in Japan

Media Create has confirmed that over 86,000 copies of SFIV were sold in Japan last week, prompting increased sales of the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Sales of Sony's PS3 approached 19,000 while the 360 sold almost 10,000.

Despite the success of the latest Street Fighter title, Capcom was beaten into second place by AlphaDream's Mario & Luigi RPG3.

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ALIEN3583d ago

This game is awesome and u should get it no matter what console you own, this game is fun! and difficult. I got it on the firts day it came out.

salgoods3583d ago

im unstoppable in this game. challenge me if you dare...

PSN: salgoods

bobdog6263583d ago

Im headed to the store to get this game right now.(peace out)

dkgshiz3583d ago

Kind of tricky when you first start out.

SuperSaiyan43583d ago

Whats this? No PS3 fan haters oh is that because you didn't expect sales to be that high? Wow what a miracle *rolls eyes*

I am confused to why sales of a highly acclaimed game would not sell far greater in Japan.

NMC20073583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Star Ocean 4 on X360 did 131k by itself on one console in one day, I mean damn, I thought Japan loved Street Fighter. Ah well, it's stuff like this that make companies turn their attention to other regions, Japan are losing their game companies.

What I mean by that is more Japanese companies are making more western centric games, which is good and bad, mostly bad imo.

Japan = Handhelds & Mobile Gaming
Everywhere Else = Console Gaming & Handheld Gaming & PC Gaming, I dunno how mobile gaming is going on the western areas.

I really am disappointed.

Edit: Whoops, forgot PC gaming, sorry PC gamers. :)

Silent3583d ago

im shocked it didnt sold more

SpartanGR3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Not only that, i'm shocked even more that a lot of Japanese people actually bought/preferred the 360 version instead. Crazy japs. In a few years they'll be singing the american anthem since they don't care about anything anymore.

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