OXCGN: Halo Wars Review

OXCGN Writes:

"Whether it's the gorgeous vistas that rival those of Gears of War 2, the frantic battlefield of 3vs3 combat, inclusion of skulls to make it more interesting, or the amalgamation of old and new music, Ensemble studios have created the ultimate Halo game and at the same time crafted the definitive RTS experience on the console to date"

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Immortal Kaim3583d ago

This game looks fantastic, the Demo really sold me on it.

sack_boi3583d ago

I was thinking of getting the "best of Halo" X360 bundle next week and just selling the games but now I might reconsider. Halo 3, Halo Wars and Sreet Fighter IV (XLIVE FTW) will be the first game I'll own on my 360.
See you guys on LIVE next week ;)

Immortal Kaim3583d ago

That is a great starter pack mate, all great games in their own right.

Seeya on LIVE.

JokesOnYou3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

I can't remember any other demo that sold me on a game before like this one did. Most games I already have my mind 95% made up whether I will buy it at launch or not based on all my previous knowledge of previews/reviews, gameplay vids and general appeal the game has to me. I mean ya know big games like Halo3, Gears etc most people like me already know if they will buy it or not and barring any major dissapointing news nothing much will change your mind. Most demo's for me usually just confirm that a game is meh' for me or yeah I have to pick this one up.

I think the demo in this case was the perfect showcase for a game like this, many doubters or folks not generally into RTS's like me saw the Halo name and wondered if it would just be a medicore game trying to live off the name, tsk tsk well slap me for even thinking Ensemble would try such a thing, in fact not only does the demo manage to embrace the soul of the Halo Universe very well but it also stands as a highly well conceived RTS on a other words change the theme/universe to just about any concept and this would be a great RTS on its own; the fact that its based on Halo Universe just makes it all that much more sweeter. Again smart move by Ensemble/micro with this demo, it CHANGED alot of minds and attitudes.


JOLLY13583d ago

Good review also. I can't wait to see what blood Gulch is going to be like as an rst. Maybe someone with a review code and posts on this site....... could give us some first hand info.

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XboxOZ3603583d ago

Well ppl have been hanging out for this game for god knows how long, 5 yrs actually. So now it is here, it's good to see that the scores are a match for the hype.

Although I'm definitely not an RTS fan, and I'll onlyget this game simply to complete my Halo collection, it does look great and has a unique approach.

Although - - - and I say this with all honesty, I'm holding off my real thoughts of it being the best RTS on a console until Stormrise lands on our shelvs in a little while.

It has a really unique approach that will have many RTS fans looking haggard after long long nights. But this will certainly fill anyone Post christmas santa stocking with Halo glea.

Dimorphic_3583d ago

It's Halo so it right there it guaranteed that I'd give it a go but after hitting out with the demo and reading this review I'm genuinely pumped for its release. And for us in Aus it's this Thursday!

RocknRolla3583d ago

Been reading few reviews on this game and i have to say they have got me absolutely pumped for this game now!!

Good to see it is receiving honest and good scores from reviewers.. Honesty is the best policy!

GrathiusXR3583d ago

Never did i think i would see the day that an RTS would work so well on a console and be so fun..

To all the nay Sayers do try the game out and give it a good shot.. the full retail version offers so much that it is truly worth the price tag..

it's a meaty amount of action and fun.

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