TGR: Halo Wars Video Game Review "Can it please both RTS lovers and Halo fans?"

"With a new iteration to the Halo universe, it's hard not to have high expectations. This franchise has arguably made the Xbox. Microsoft has made a brand name staple that is clearly here to stay; however, this time it's time for Halo to leave Master Chief's shadow and prove it doesn't need the lone Spartan to save the day -- or does it? Halo Wars attempts to gain support from two clear constituencies: Halo fans and RTS lovers. But at the end of the day, can it appeal to both groups? In short, the answer seems to be yes."


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VirtualKatz3582d ago

I dont know, something about this game, just doesnt get me excited. I will probably give it a rent though.

cain1413582d ago

It really is a fun title though.

A HiFi3582d ago

Only a week to go. =)

italianbreadman3582d ago

Nice! After trying the demo, I began to look forward to this game. Glad it delivers.

SlamVanderhuge3582d ago

I don't know why, but I just can't get excited about this one. Been kinda burnt out on the franchise for the past few years, so perhaps thats why. Ive also played too many mediocre console RTSes in the past year...

Ill give it a shot one day, but I'm skipping launch.

predator3582d ago

to above have you tried the demo? if not i recommend trying that then that may change your mind

Lukatoll3581d ago

Halo wars... I'm still not sure about this one. I mean the demo was okay. Definitely the best RTS on a console so far.

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cain1413582d ago

I'm glad this is coming out now vs fall. In fall it might get burried, but this game really is pretty cool...

predator3582d ago

I don't know about that, I have GTA DLC, Street Fighter IV, this and Killzone 2...thats pretty hetic in my eyes

stewie328873582d ago

Hmm, I've never been a fan of Halo, but I like a good RTS game. Mayhap I should give it a try...

cain1413582d ago

It's a tad basic on the RTS end, but as long as you know that going in it is a lot of fun.

The battles can get pretty epic...

Multigamer3582d ago

you should its looks and sounds great

cain1413582d ago

Make sure you've checked out the demo. To be honest that's going to let you know what you will think of this game over any review

predator3582d ago

Gd score.look forward 2 pickin this up

cain1413582d ago

It's a great game. Can't wait till people actually have it so I can play on live...

thegamereviews3582d ago

Was a little too easy, main campaign went fast, but multiplayer and co-op are where it is at.

cain1413582d ago


Yeah considering I never lost a match on "hyper crazy hard" it's pretty simple. And I don't dare consider myself the best at this game...

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The story is too old to be commented.