How the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 appeal to different demographics


"It doesn't take a genius to work out that each of the three current-gen home consoles appeals to different sets of people. The Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 are all very different propositions, and the age and gender mix that play them varies greatly. And now, those user patterns have been mapped to give a clear picture of the different consoles' diverse user bases.

There are many things that can influence our choice of video games console, from the games that are available on it, to brand loyalty, peer pressure, and even clever marketing. As I've opined before, I consider the current-gen to offer the most diverse range of consoles for the widest demographic ever seen on home consoles."

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MrJack3503d ago

PS3 is for hardcore gamers, Xbox is for teens, and Wii is for Kids and women.

kewlkat0073503d ago

Given the ability for the PS3 to play BD movies puts it ahead in total value, hence many people buy it just for that. We all know movie/video afficiatos will go for the best bang for their buck.

Whether you think the games for the Xbox 360/PS3 is more softcore or hardcore their both after the same market(IMO) but Sony gets the edge because it splits the market. Most kids that actually want to play games is not going to spend $400 and use it, just as a BD player, which is a lot of money.

Which brings me to my next point: Some are forgetting, a certain number of Sony's Audience is a little older only because the Original PS came out in 1994, so there is an 8-year gap before the Original Xbox came out, that may still playing the PS brand, which would equate to probably late 20's early 30's. Hey I'm one of them. Xbox came out when I was in College though.

Wii - 2 gens ahead of Sony, I think anyone can buy a wii these days.

PS3 - 1 gen ahead of MS, movie buffs, hardcore gamers, and casuals based on past success and brand name.

Xbox 360 - Let's face your not going to buy an Xbox just to watch movies. Mostly hardcore gamers and a little bit of casuals.(youngest software/franchise history out of all 3) out of all the consoles, I think the xbox and wii PURE gaming consoles from a marketing stance.

Stinger_2093503d ago

The ps3 is for the older generation who want to watch blue ray movies and sometimes play games.
The xbox mainly teens and hardcore gamers who don't want a blue ray player in their system so they go for alternative which is an xbox 360.
and finally the wii is for people who cant be asked going out, mainly the audience is aimed at younger generation.