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GamesAreEvil writes: Let's be honest, the real time strategy (RTS) genre has hardly had a glorious history on consoles. As a group it would be fair to consider them as both critical and commercial failures. And so here we have Halo Wars, an RTS game based on one of the most successful console franchises of all time, developed by one of the premier creators of strategy games in Ensemble Studios (most famous for the genre defining Age of Empires series).

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CrAppleton3260d ago

With all the negative feedback that this game got from the demo, it's nice to see a good score

green3260d ago

What negative feedback?

CrAppleton3260d ago

Most people I know who've played the demo didn't like their run through with it. Matter of fact I don't have any friends who were pleased with the demo.. So I'm glad to see it fared well

thealienist3260d ago

i loved the demo, a bit of the short side though

JohnR3260d ago

the demo was a bit short. it would have been nice it they had a little multiplayer thrown in

CrAppleton3260d ago

Yeah! I think multi-player will be the savior of this all together.. C&C3 was a blast online

Sitdown3260d ago

outside of you and your friends....I have not heard anybody expressing displeasure with the demo.

tatotiburon3260d ago

all the previews we saw were positive and amazed by the your friends are wrong.

green3260d ago

All my Halo loving friends on XBL loved the demo,i loved the demo and all previews i read loved the game.So your friends are in the minority.

sack_boi3260d ago

We all know this site is the @sshole of the gamming community (just a bunch of PS3 fanboys bashing on anything that isn't exclusive to the PS3).

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thealienist3260d ago

HALO WARS! Finally, an RTS worth buying!

CrAppleton3260d ago

LOL.. then again.. isn't anything with the name HALO on it worth buying?

JohnR3260d ago

i'm not too keen on halo, i like rts though

CrAppleton3260d ago

@John R
Blasphemy! lol..

thealienist3260d ago

halo is OK, master chief is a bit of a dud though so i'm happy he's nt in this game

JohnR3260d ago

totally agree - master chief is kinda weak. where's the personality, where's the.... anything.

DelbertGrady3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Name an FPS that has a more memorable main character than Master Chief. Only character besides him would be Gordon Freeman from Half-Life, and maybe the girl from Mirror's Edge but I can't remember her name. That's mainly because she was the center point of the ads. Most other FPS games have some of the most anonymous main characters ever created. It's like they are trying to hide them from the gamers lol!

COD 4 & WaW? Don't even know their names. Sgt something? Or was it Private? Who cares.

Resistance 2? No idea.

FEAR 2? Huh?

Killzone 2? Helghast something?

blind-reaper3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

wrong post...

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JohnR3260d ago

so.... anyone gonna buy this?

CrAppleton3260d ago

It say's halo.. I'm buying it =D

thealienist3260d ago

yes. tis like one of the biggest games of the year

green3260d ago

Definitely buying it.

CID3260d ago

LOL i wonder if it will fall lower

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The story is too old to be commented.
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