OXCGN: Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Hands-on Impressions

OXCGN Writes:

"All in all I would say that the Mythic Map Pack is well worth a purchase. The variety offered here is three fold and each map fills a spot in the Halo 3 library. Production and design values are all through the roof and as with every Bungie production they are just simply fun. Skulls and Forge aside the maps play well but with those added bonuses it makes the pack too good to pass up."

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Immortal Kaim3505d ago

I don't know what I'm more excited about, Halo Wars or getting these Maps :)

GrathiusXR3505d ago

As much as people dislike Halo 3 for what ever reasons they hold there is no denying that bungie have shown great support for one of their best titles ever..

The fact that they are still updating the playlists as well as bringing out another Map Pack is just phenomenal...

Regardless of what quarrel you have with Halo 3 it has shown everyone that with a little support it can do great things..

Glad to see that with the new map pack is substance and effort put into it to make it worth while.

Good job Bungie!

Dimorphic_3505d ago

The maps really are fantastic, and while some people do have their issues with Halo 3 (which I don't understand) the majority of gamers on the 360 do play it and these maps just ensure that they will continue to play it.

Other than Burnout Paradise I can't think of a game that has as much dev support so far out from its launch.

Superfragilistic3504d ago

I get why people don't get Halo 3. But its only their loss and our gain. The community efforts of Bungie are truly extroadinary and anyone who's played Halo but hasn't used/played Forge is missing half the multiplayer pie!

Mmmmmmm yum.

darkmurder3505d ago

Could be enough to get me back into Halo!

GrathiusXR3505d ago

Sure could mate.. I mean c'mon more maps = more fun and crazy stuff to make in Forge.. it offers an endless amount of good times!!!

Dimorphic_3505d ago

It should be Dark, these maps are fantastic, they each fill a niche that Halo has been needing and Sandbox is going to spawn some of the best custom maps ever.

Can't wait! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.