Strategy Informer Reviews Halo Wars

From Strategy Informer: "There are relatively few commands to memorise when playing Halo Wars, as the interface has clearly been built with accessibility in mind. Selecting all units is mapped to the left bumper while commanding all of your local units is on the right. The A button selects an individual unit whereas holding it down projects a blue area that you can use to paint over as many units as you like. During the early missions, it's entirely possible to get away with manically jabbing LB to select all units before sending the full force of your army into battle and the soldier AI is such that in small skirmishes they can handle themselves perfectly well. However things get much tougher a lot sooner than you'd think, which you'll quickly learn calls for quick thinking and a far more considered strategic approach than simply throwing wave after wave of expendable manpower at a target."

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JamieReleases3532d ago

This one is really good, best RTS on a console yet I'd say.

Sitdown3532d ago

relevant if you chase meta.....the demo has won a lot of people over. So I would like to believe that personal experience would rank higher than meta.

callahan093532d ago

MetaCritic is irrelevant. I really liked Enchanted Arms, which is at a 60-something on Meta. I loved Folklore which is at a 70-something on Meta. Heck, I even had a good time with Haze and a great time with Star Wars the Force Unleashed, and neither of those did very well in their Meta averages.

And I didn't really like GTA IV, which is one of the highest (or is the highest?) Meta scores.

So yeah... don't judge a game based on Meta scores.

JamieReleases3532d ago

If 80 isn't promising, then what is?

Skizelli3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

I like how some people think that anything below 80% is bad. I don't really care for these meta score sites, but I just took a glance at the user rating for Halo Wars on Metacritic and had to laugh. 0.8% out of 10 based on 115 votes? The Sony fanboys must be hard at work. I suspect it's the same on the 360 side of things. How lame can one get?

manwich253532d ago

I have never played an RTS but I like it

Power_Of_Flops_3532d ago

Another day, another flop on the 360.

That's why 'Star Ocean : The Last Flop' was so inappropriate.

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