First day Japan sales - Star Ocean IV does 131k

This was the best ever opening for a 360 game in Japan, surpassing The Last Remnant which did 79k day 1.

First Day Sales (02/19)

[360] Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope (Square Enix) - 131k

[PSP] Idolmaster SP: Perfect Sun (Bandai Namco) - 33k
[PSP] Idolmaster SP: Missing Moon (Bandai Namco) - 28k
[PSP] Idolmaster SP: Wandering Star (Bandai Namco) - 24k

[NDS] Shining Force Feather (Sega) - 19k
[PS2] Sacred Blaze (Flight Plan) - 14k

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Darkseider3583d ago

Not too bad at all. Now the question with all other games that release in Japan to big release numbers. Will this one have legs? My guess is yes simply due to the fact that it is an established name. The other question is will it push 360 hardware sales?

Cwalat3583d ago

This goes to show how HUNGRY japaneese audience is for a true RPG.

I just wished Squae Enix weren't that stuborn and foolish when taking soo much of their manpower on these lacking RPG's.
Instead, focus 100% on the upcoming final fantasy games... And perhaps, if they could... Release it before i become a grandfather.

Or ... perhaps.. in my lifetime plz.


NaiNaiNai3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )


SE didn't make SO4, TA did, so as of now, SE is working with its best teams on FF13.

*edit* everyone knows that they just sold to like 1/10 of there entire market down there, thats actually rather good.

gaffyh3583d ago

Very nice, this game deserves good sales, compared to the other crap that has been released by Square Enix lately

thats_just_prime3583d ago

I think you'll see a huge increase in sells of 360 for at least the next month in japan with SO4 selling 300-400k copies

1ikedamaster3583d ago

Keep in mind that SE is huge now, they have so many employees even after the merger to put out many titles and still have a dedicated team to work on the high and mighty FFXIII rpg of rpgs. ;)

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CID3583d ago

That should dampen SOIV sales.

SprSynJn3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

I have seen a trend where a 360 game will do well in its first week then disappear off the list shortly afterward. I am thinking all who want it get it when it debuts, and then move on to the DS and PSP games with the rest of the crowd. It appears White Knight Chronicles went that route as well. Let us see if this actually helps Microsoft in the long run.

Yakuza 3 will knock it off, that much is certain. It will most likely sell just as well, if not better. The Japanese really like those Dynasty Warrior style games, even over Star Ocean.

AllseeingEye3583d ago

Yakuza is going to sell a ton better then Starocean. I would rather have Yakuza 3 then Star ocean any day.

KingME3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

I bet when Yakuza comes out, you won't even buy it. (Another talking head)

Wow, WKC did about the same numbers and the are 3 times more PS3s in the region. Great job SO4.

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KingDizzi3583d ago

Yakuza 3 releases next week which will be very interesting, huge advertising has been going on in Japan for that game.

Says you3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

"By the way, often batting title
PS3用新作RPG「白騎士物語」の初日販売本数は約13.2 万本。 For new PS3 RPG "white knight story," First day sales of about 13.2 million"

and XBox 360 fans say it fails considering it sold 13 million if I read that correctly Star Ocean IV would have sold more if it was on PS3 which it will since it doesn't have "only on XBox 360" logo

kodiak you failed considering White Knight Story sold 13 million.

she00win993583d ago

what are you talking about, the ps3's install base in japan is only 2 million or maybe close to 3 million units, how can WKC sell 13.2 million units..

Foxgod3583d ago

Is that sum babelfish ?

kodiak3583d ago


Power_Of_Flops_3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

So what ? 360 is still dead in Japan with only 900k sold from the beginning vs more than 3 millions for the PS3.

Yakuza 3 sales on PS3 next week will kill this total with one hand.

By the way, SO4 is still a flop (like any other 360 JRPG) according to reviews.

The only good JRPG this gen is Valkyria Chronicles and it's only on PS3 (but still inferior to Persona 4 on PS2).

Foxgod3583d ago

oooh, awesome, it sold 3 million, wew, mindblowing numbers.

OmarJA3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

WKS is a new IP you little whore & it sold better...

Foxgod3583d ago

again, awesome numers, 1k difference with 3.3 x larger install base.
And its from Level5, the studio considered to topple SE in rpg making.


Queers of War3583d ago

LOL foxgod...1k difference? didnt WKC sell something along the lines of 200k the first day?

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