Street Fighter IV Review: A Solid Game of the Year Contender (Gameguru)

Gameguru writes: "Street Fighter always invokes bad memories in my head, by the end of tourneys at the local arcade I used to be broke for the following week. Street Fighter IV brings all of this back in a generation where hyper realism takes center stage to induct a healthy shot of nostalgia into the arms of a generation which seems to be dwindling in an era of casual games."

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GameGambits3532d ago

Oh please. Anyone who thinks this will win GOTY overall in 2009 would have to be high or a complete fanboy to SF series only. You'd basically have to play no other games this whole year to follow that sick delusion out. Maybe it'll be YOUR game of the year, but I'll punch myself in the junk if any big name sites or mags give this the GOTY trophy.

It's def a great game, but there isn't much here to hold it as GOTY. GOTY needs to push the envelope for games in many ways. Story, graphics, replayability, accessability, atmosphere, sound design, and of course fun. This game's story is...nothing captivating for any character you play through as. Graphics look great, but don't do anything that will make your jaw drop for the fighting genre. I can't even begin to think there is as much replaybility on this as something like a Soul Calibur or Super Smash. Bros. You'll have your fun playing against people online, but that's that. Some of the music in this game is just god awful and cringe worthy. It's also NOT accessible to new comers to the fighting series. From what I've read from people who are new to this fighting series or fighting games in general, even on easy they get spanked.

GOTY? No. Great game of 2009 and probably best fighting game of the year? Yeah definetly.

davidadrake3532d ago

Never will be GOTY, not even close. What a moron!