Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising- EGO Engine, Screens, Facts

GamesAreEvil takes a look at the EGO Engine that will power Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Risins, as well as features that will pull gamers into this ultra realistic FPS.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, in the words of CodeMasters, is "set to deliver the most accessible, engaging and visceral sandbox shooter of the year." Utilizing an evolved variant of the EGO Engine, which can be seen in previous games such as DIRT and GRID, Operation Flashpoint should be on the cutting edge of video game visuals. The following video demonstrates how the EGO Engine technology can power everything from minute details to entire landscapes and deliver an immersive, real world environment for FPS fans.

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CrAppleton3582d ago

Looks like they might be making it so realistic that it's going to be insanely difficult

Fishy Fingers3582d ago

I imagine it'll be inline with the original which was incredibly realistic. Doesn't necessarily make it more difficult, just means you have to adjust your gameplay style to match the realism, no more running in guns blazing.

JohnR3582d ago

never plaed the original. i do like me some realism though

bgrundman3582d ago

Some people really appreciate a high level of difficulty.

CrAppleton3582d ago

Yeah.. by all means.. I like games to challenge me.. but it makes it less accessible to some

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bgrundman3582d ago

It will be interesting to see how they can port the engine of a racing game to work with an FPS. Sounds like it might be a bit of a stretch.

CrAppleton3582d ago

Mostly lighting effects from what I've seen.. but yeah.. it does seem a bit odd

roblef3582d ago

Why not? Isn't it just the same thing, different skin?

CrAppleton3582d ago

The usual.. PC, PS3 or 360?

roblef3582d ago

Way too many abbreviations. EGO DiRT GRiD FPS OFDR

I mean, come on! Is it cooler if we abbreviate?