Addict Gaming Review: Halo Wars

The announcement for Halo Wars came out of nowhere back at Microsoft's X06 event 2 and half years ago. Since then the Halo fan base have been both sceptical and welcoming to the new franchise, which was expected, however after closely watching the games development through the eyes of a fanboy, the idea of playing a Halo RTS game became more and more exciting. The key thing that was pitched to gamers over the years was the fact that Halo Wars will be built from the ground up for the Xbox 360, which in theory would create an enjoyable, but more importantly, playable strategy game for the console. 2 years have passed and since the moment the game hit my doormat earlier this week, I've been tearing it apart to see if the game really is all it's cracked up to be. Will the Spartans live up to expectations or will they just be Brute-Food? Keep reading the definitive Addict Gaming review to find out.

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