IGN: Noby Noby Boy UK Review

IGN: "Noby Noby Boy is going to provoke arguments for months between people who claim to Get It and people who don't, which is ridiculous because - in truth - there is nothing to get. Once you've accepted that, Noby Noby Boy becomes one of the most soothing, effortlessly playable things you've ever likely had the pleasure to experience. It's a surreal and simple sandbox with no hidden subtleties or complex underlying system of progress and reward, no contrived meaning. It's appeal purely lies with its gentle, happy-go-lucky lunacy, and that's what makes it so bafflingly absorbing. For slightly over £3, it's something everyone should try, especially as its emergent nature means that it will keep stretching and stretching our imaginations well into the future. It's just the sort of mad experiment that the PSN Store was made for, in fact."

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zeph943583d ago

Downloading right now.....but I'm addicted to SOCOM so it's on hold.....

japwow3583d ago

I bought this game last night.

Viper73583d ago

same here

I was a bit scared that the game would not have enough content but damn theres so many maps to just explore. So far I have seen cheerleaders riding lions and Ninjas flying on ufos.

I wonder what will I see next :D

PirateThom3583d ago

They need to get a Katamari game on PS3 now.

Megaton3583d ago

Definitely. Was pretty pissed that they jumped ship to the 360 for that series, if it even continues as a series.

Neoraf3583d ago

Just go buy a Xbox 360.
Beautiful Katamari is often sold for less than 30$.

If you truly love videogames, you need more than 1 console.

I'm happy to play Braid, Flower, Echochrome, Rez HD, Wipeout HD, Castle Crashers... in the same living room, on the same evening.

My PSN iD = Neoraf
My Xbox Live iD = Neoraf

GEESE3583d ago

I have been up all night (again) on SF4.
I am wreaking havok online with Zangief. The sweetest thing pile driving cheap shoto losers who only choose ken, ryu, or worse...akuma..Gouken...PILE DRIVER..
..then they RAGE QUIT! The greatest.

PotNoodle3583d ago

The creative freedom sony give to devs of PSN games is the reason why i prefer the playstation store original content over the xbox live original content.

Whenever someone is asking me what is better, live or PSN i always mention the original store content - even if i do say live, overall is better.

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The story is too old to be commented.