PSN or Xbox Live? Selecting A Service that Suits You

"This article isn't a poop-slinging fest aimed at determining which networks are home to bigger and better sets of hardcore titles. It's gamers who win when we get to explore the intricate game worlds encompassed in titles like Braid, Flower, Castle Crashers, and Echochrome. I don't care which console they come on, I'm just happy to be getting great artistic content. This article aims to take a deeper look at what these online services provide when measured against your gaming dollar."

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will113559d ago

Press Agree if you like PSN. Press Disagree if you like XBL.

Nelson M3559d ago

PSN suits me just fine Thankyou

Karum3559d ago

I like LIVE and PSN as services in their own right however I do not like that there is a charge for LIVE and as I have an option, my multi-plat online gaming is done on PS3 rather than 360. I play 360 games but won't be bothering with online after my month of free gold runs out.

Karum3559d ago

This article was taken down from that website yesterday because it was that bad, now they've simply edited the table to address all the points I and others made inthe N4G submission yesterday.

Yesterday this exact same article argued that LIVE was cheaper than PSN and now the main article looks to be the exact same with the only part having changed is the table at the end. The only difference between this one and the one from yesterday is that it takes mentions there are alternatives to the official sony headset and has changed around their price variance for downloadable games.

Even after yesterday's article the guy has acknowledged there are alternatives to the headset but STILL ignores the fact that there are alternatives to the chat pad not to mention you can use any $5 USB keyboard.

For the sake of sanity give up on this stupid failed article from yesterday and come up with something sensible instead of doing nothing but changing the title and making some small alterations to your comparison table which still ignores some of the things the original article did.

Joke of a site.

sam22363559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Both have their pros and cons, imo.

Here's mine (As I have both consoles):

Pros: It's free - just pop in a game and play.
Cons: Credit card thingy is screwed up, i.e. I enter my details and buy something. Then I try to buy something else and it says my card is incorrect.

Pros: Download movies and Xbox games.
Cons: You have to pay to play online. Need to wait a week to download new demos (If you have a Silver account).

unrealgamer583559d ago

oh come on lets be serious the psn has so many great games and well xbl has great games to i need something innovative not to sound fanboyish

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