Do Video Games Cost Too Much?

Valve undertook an experiment recently to test how price affected the sales of their popular survival-horror FPS, Left 4 Dead. They Reduced the price by 50% on Steam, which "resulted in a 3000% increase in sales of the game, posting overall sales that beat the title's original launch performance." They also tested various other price drops over the holidays, seeing spikes in sales that corresponded well to the size of the discount. This will undoubtedly add to the speculation that game prices have risen too high for the current economic climate.

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Capt CHAOS3588d ago

I'm having more and more faith in Valve..

GWAVE3588d ago

Left 4 Dead was extremely overpriced to begin with, so your faith in them grows because they reduce the price to what it SHOULD have been at launch?

Still, video games have been getting more expensive to develop yet their price stays pretty much the same. Over the years, the "standard" has been anywhere from $40-$70 for a single game, even back in the late '80s. Taking inflation into account, paying only $60 for a high-def game isn't so bad of a deal.

perseus3588d ago

I would buy a tonne more games if prices were half of what they are now. I guarantee I would spend more money in total than I do now, just because I wouldn't mind paying $35 for an "okay" game.

I would have bought Haze, for Christ's sake. I just bought Blazing Angels 2 for about $20, and am very happy. I wouldn't have been happy had it been $70.

TruthbeTold3588d ago

I saw Haze at Target the other day on clearance for $14.98 if you really wouldn't mind buying it for cheap.

I doubt you'd have trouble finding a copy if you check a few stores.