What does the i in iPod and DSi mean?

You will actually never guess...

Now and then you have to stop and wonder what the names of those everyday gadgets we often claim to not be able to live without actually mean?

What, for example, does the 'i' stand for in the Apple iPod and the Nintendo DSi?

A quick office poll drew up blank faces and an even quicker Google search of 'what does the i in iPod mean' suggests that it originally stood for 'internet' in the case of Apple's iMac brand.

However, an Apple rep told us that the i in iPod was just a brand name and not an acronmyn.

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zoydwheeler3217d ago

i have pretty much run out of ideas now.. ?

andyo133217d ago

when i heard DSi was that it was directly related to the cameras, (i, eye). ipod i didnt think the i stood for anything cept meant personal pod/music player, which it is, it's a personal device.

robertjamespaul3217d ago

Who cares, the DSi is far too expensive anyways.

danarc3217d ago

I always thought with the iPod stuff it was "internet." Made sense with iTunes, havent looked into the DSi though.

ShiftyLookingCow3217d ago

I guess on a serious note, i in DSi probably does stand for internet too, since using internet is how you get DSWare titles exclusive to DSi.

danarc3217d ago

I'm gonna stick with my internet theory then :P

SAiOSiN3217d ago

DS(eye).....the camera....

gusto3217d ago

Like with the GTi - stands for injection in cars, but in most people's minds just means "faster and better".

TOSgamer3217d ago

The i in DSi stands for inflated. Which is what the price on it is.

ShiftyLookingCow3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

for Apple its not just the price, also inflated ego. Though compared to other Apple products the inflation of the ego caused by iPhone is small since almost everyone and their dog owns one.

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The story is too old to be commented.