Square Enix and Microsoft: Secret Lovers?

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "With the upcoming release of Star Ocean: The Last hope which is an exclusive to the Xbox 360, RPG fans that own a Playstation 3 must be getting pretty fed up with the lack of support from Square Enix. Not only has Final Fantasy XIII been delayed on the PS3 to accommodate development on the Xbox 360, but Square Enix has yet to release a single RPG on Sony's console."

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MrWeymes3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Microsoft is the guy. ;)

Edit @ Below:

That was a poorly worded comment. I thoroughly enjoyed how nonsensical it was. Thanks for the morning giggle.

MisterNiwa3504d ago

Microsoft is the gay.

SECRET lovers?

... well thats new to me. Cuz they seem PRETTY LOVEY DOVEY.
Square Enix cant stop shove the games up Microsofts ass.

Timberland2K93504d ago

Don't be suprised to see Kingdom Hearts 3 on 360

MrWeymes3504d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 has the possibility of being an Xbox 360 exclusive. Either that, or a multiplatform for certain, in my opinion.

Kamikze093504d ago

It seems that Microsoft is the public political figure and Square Enix is the dirty little $5 whore.

TOSgamer3504d ago

Yep MS is the John and Square is the call girl.

nix3504d ago

i gotta agree, MS is john. q:

MS and SE sitting under a tree...
K.I.S.S.I.NG. lol

ShiftyLookingCow3504d ago

If they are infact "lovers", then they are as secret in doing it as British Spears and Kevin Boarderline

TenSteps3504d ago

I prefer denying the truth but pretty obvious lovers.

SE has never treated the PS3 fairly even after all their bs about supporting all platforms "equally". Then they say that they don't have a personal favorite console then comes Hiroshi Takai saying he prefers the Xbox 360.

Then they try to spin it or at the very best just turning a blind eye on what people accuse to be SE betraying the PS3 community putting all the focus on FFXIII becoming multiplatform. I mean sure at the first few months that was probably the case but after a few months they'd release IU although average is still exclusive to the 360 and then they'd announce that The Last Remnant is a timed exclusive to the 360 and since it's main problem is it's technical incapabilities what does that mean for the PS3 version seeing as they're using the UE3 (which has had a history with the PS3) and the fact that Hiroshi Takai would go on to say the 360 is tons easier to develop for so what does that mean for the PS3 version did they just tell me that it would be worst.

The reason "SE has betrayed the PS3 community" is because they continue their hypocrisy and address it with a blind eye citing a very different reasons to what people truly accuse them for.

Just venting my anger over here sorry if I bothered anyone

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Austin_SJ3504d ago

square enix have made the decision to side with the cash flow, good business at the moment, but at some point the install base of the PS3 will be too high to ignore.

Bob Dole3504d ago

That and the install base in their home country for the 360 is a lot less than the PS3.

MrWeymes3504d ago

You both seem to be forgetting that Microsoft is the embodiment of gil.(Final Fantasy reference, get it?)

Bob Dole3504d ago

Yeah they keep having to use Pheonix Downs on their consoles too :)

MrWeymes3504d ago

I'm not a fanboy, Bob, but I laughed hard. It's a good thing that Microsoft has enough gil to purchase 99 of them prior to a boss fight.

Bob Dole3504d ago

Haha yeah, too bad they can't find any mega-elixirs... That would solve all their problems.

SupaPlaya3504d ago

Haha.. Phoenix down on the console. I LOVE that reference. Bubbles.

pixelsword3504d ago

I've played more than my share of FF games I guess.

Anyways, I don't think it's a bad thing because SE may be out of money, and they have to eat; but it also shows that they may be struggling with the White Engine they made for the PS3 more than what they are letting on.

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Helghast Slayer3504d ago

Yeah they'll both die together.

MrWeymes3504d ago

I'm pretty sure that they'll be alright. Sony, too. Nintendo will be remain in its mansion made of diamonds.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

...that need Vigara(FLOP,FLOP erm FLOP)!!! ;-D

Daz3504d ago

nice headline :p back room job i think :/

MrWeymes3504d ago

That sounds so filthy in the context of this article. :)

Droid Control3504d ago

... capcom also seem to love the amrican giant...

Bob Dole3504d ago

(insert GTA4 penis joke here)