Memorable Video Games

Vigster writes: "Some video games will leave you with that soft fuzzy feeling or give you immense satisfaction. A game that you could have played ten years ago will stick out in your mind because of its beautiful story line or memorable game play. A game like FFVII and Metal Gear Solid have been imprinted on many gamer's minds.

Through out my gaming history there have been quite a few titles that have made an impact. My favorite of all time (and I say mine because some people wouldn't agree) is FFIX. Many people would groan at this response and probably call me names, but I don't care, I loved playing it.

So what makes a game memorable? It depends. For some games it's the storyline, others the unique game play or the overall package is just fantastic. When it comes to deciding what games have been the most memorable, there is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on the person.

Below is a list of the most memorable games."

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