Noby Noby Boy is the most viral PS3 game yet

PS3 Attitude writes: "Now that Noby Noby Boy has been unleashed on the unsuspecting public, what will draw people to want to try our Keita Takahashi's community playground?

Viral marketing - that's what..."

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SaiyanFury3561d ago

The game is so cute and SOO Japanese it's hard to deny it's charm. When I browsed the PS Store last night and saw it I had to have it. Knowing it's from brilliant and quirky Japanese game designer Keita Takahashi, I knew that I couldn't pass it up. Only 5 bucks too!

andyo133561d ago

Often we never hear of the playstation network games. But they are often the most inovative games. Just look at Flow, loco roco, flower and of course noby noby boy. But even i don't know that many psn games.

DolphGB3561d ago

Sony's policy of putting quality items on the PSN versus Microsoft's insistance on filling XBL with as much shovelware as they can definitely helps the situation...

na2ru13561d ago

dating way back from fLOW to the latest Pixel Junk's the Eden, there has been contantly new and refreshing titles. I still haven't checked this one out yet.

Awookie3561d ago

This is only $5 and is getting great reviews cant wait to pick this and flower up this weekend

GVON3561d ago

the quality is getting better in terms of graphics and gameplay,and there are so many really good games already in 09 and lots more on the way.

Apart from how mad noby noby boy is,it's probably the most complete Ps3 game yet.

trophy support,custom soundtrack,XMB screen capture,record hour long vids,record and upload to youtube without leaving's feature packed.

Godmars2903561d ago

Pop-cap games for PSN aside.

They really should be selling those in packs of 3 @ $12 if not at the same price as Noby Boy.

phosphor1123561d ago

but I suck at it..all I do is eat, stretch, you can poop in it. Idk how to do anything else as of yet lol..

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-EvoAnubis-3561d ago

I was playing this yesterday, and my g/f walks in and goes, "What the hell is that?" My answer? "This is what you get when japanese game developers do absurd amounts of LSD and then decide to make a game."

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OmarJA3561d ago

Can say the same thing about SO4 teh last hope in Japan LOL!

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