Bionic Commando dev attacks Western character design

NowGamer: Ulf Andersson, co-founder of Bionic Commando developer GRiN, has criticised Western video game character designers for being too conservative compared to thier Japanese contemporaries

"There isn't really a culture of making different games [in the West], it's more that Japanese devs stick to their guns more. They're not pussies as much as the Western devs....."

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TOO PAWNED3532d ago

I want some of whatever he is smoking

Dipso3532d ago

You go Ulf!!

Stick to your guns and give us Eddy Gordo with a bionic big risk taking trailblazer you!!

LightofDarkness3532d ago

Congrats buddy... you basically "created" Ronin from Stargate Atlantis and gave him a grappling hook arm. I haven't seen an interesting looking character from Japan in years. Chris Redfield, he's a creative one alright. Then there's the host of new characters in Street Fighter IV. Lady in suit, fat guy in leotards, luchador... creativity up the yin-yang there. I'll admit the western devs have wrested their designs too firmly along the lines of cyber-space-ninja-marines, but it's not like the Japanese devs have been pumping out anything as interesting as, say, Kefka recently.