Empire: Total War Demo coming today

Sega announced today that a demo for Empire: Total War will be released today via Steam from 4pm GMT.

You will get to play as the mighty British Empire as they do battle against the Americans in the 'Battle of Brandywine Creek' and then take on the French Navy in the 'Battle of Lagos'...

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Daz3583d ago

Cool, i be getting that.

Agent VX3583d ago

This game is a "day one" purchase for me. But I do have to admit I was getting a little concerned about this game of late, as very little publicity has been coming out, and lots of time that doesn't mean very good news.

So I am very happy they are releasing a demo, and should totally get my geared up for the March 5th release in Canada.

This is my most anticipated game of the last few years.

voice_of_ reason3583d ago

I love the total war series. Aside from Killzone 2, I'm most excited about this game for '09 (unless GoW III makes it in '09).

Uzesgelen_Goo3583d ago

i hope able to improve my pc before it comes