IGN: One Thing You Won't Like About MadWorld

It runs in widescreen 480i, not 480p.

Ign's Matt Casamassina explains in his blog.

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Product3588d ago

That kinda sucks, i thought it was a mandatory thing for every Wii game to be 480p especially a hardcore title.Although it looks awesome for not being 480p

ChickeyCantor3588d ago

" Only when I went to capture some videos and my equipment read it as 480i did I realize the truth.

I don't get this.
Isn't the Wii who handles the signals from the output to input(TV)?
Isn't the SDK providing this already?

ChickeyCantor3588d ago

Lol did i just loose a bubble over this? XD

SupaPlaya3588d ago

for you. You shouldn't lose a bubble for that comment.

ChickeyCantor3588d ago

Your kindness deserves a bubble xD

Shaka2K63588d ago

wii = useless trash !!!!

Kushan3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

I don't understand this, either. 480i is the same as 480p, except only every other line is sent during each update (with the missing ones sent in the next update). It only exists to save bandwidth in broadcasting, the console still has to render the whole image before it can send the individual lines to the TV. Very strange, indeed.

Still, it's one of those things you'll probably never notice unless someone points it out to you and hey - you're not exactly playing the Wii for it's High-resolution graphics in the first place, are you?

TOSgamer3588d ago

The bigger your TV is the more noticeable interlacing becomes. I have a 46" sharp lcd and it was very easy to see while using the Wii until I bought component cables.

thor3588d ago

Yeah but TVs are usually able to deinterlace signals as they come in. Unless it runs at 15fps or something.

Kleptic3588d ago

yeah an LCD television will always deinterlace the signal the screen refreshes at 60hz minimum...

interlaced signals can then create response delay on a 60hz lcd television, as control inputs an on screen 'happenings' are not synced properly...also a television is never as good at de-interlacing when compared to a signal rendered in progressive even though an LCD tv will do it automatically (other wise it simply couldn't display the image), its far from ideal...

a progressive signal is always 'better' for a digital display (i.e. an LCD HDTV)...not sure what you mean by 'seeing scan lines' a digital display does not have scan lines...only analog CRT televisions use scan lines instead of pixels (as well as the old rear projection big screens)...if you are seeing poor display quality...its because you are playing a Wii on a 46" HDTV...thats a 640X480 (or widescreen equivelent in this case) blown up to 46 diagonal inches...

480i just means that there is only 1 'field' being displayed per gives an illusion of 30 fps...but in reality its just two fields overlapping per second, and could be said to be 15 true frames per second...which is all more confusing than it needs to be...the point is...480i on a 60hz television will always look extremely blurry when compared to 480p...that is probably what you are noticing more than anything...

Graphics Whore3588d ago

It doesn't affect my game play at all. I'll be playing the hell out of this game hands down.

SL1M DADDY3588d ago

This talk about resolution for any console is silly, especially if the game looks amazing. I have a 47", 1080p set and to be honest, I could care less about a few lines of resolution as long as the game looks good. This is one of those titles that is going to make me turn on my Wii and for that I am excited.

ChickeyCantor3588d ago

The funny part of his post is that he got a disagree...
It seems someone knows better than him what he enjoys.

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