Ghoulies 2 would have had an open-world setting

MundoRare writes: "Earlier this week, Grabbed by the Ghoulies breathed fresh life again as part of the Xbox Originals line-up. Surprisingly enough, Rare updated the site a few days after that with a retrospective interview with a few members of the Ghoulies team.

Let's start with the most interesting bit first. When asked by... themselves (a little odd, but whatever works) on the chances of a Ghoulies sequel, a lot of them expressed interest in doing so. Gavin Price even went on to say that Ghoulies II "was actually quite different and probably would have had an open-world setting. It would have been set in the nearby village of Ghoulsville-in-the-Gloom, which was actually going to be called Neede-in-the-Nuts but we were told to change it." Kieran Connell adds that there were "some really cool ideas for co-op play that we never got to explore properly and it would be great to have multiplayer mayhem and Ghouly-bashing across Xbox Live." Needless to say, the team definitely some interesting prospects there.

About those interesting prospects for a sequel, Mr. Price was right on the money when answering why you should get Ghoulies: "you could trigger a sequel." If that isn't the best reason to download Resident-Not-So-Evil, then I don't know what is."

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BlackIceJoe3582d ago

That's to bad the sequel sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I know in Nuts and Bolts there was a hint that a sequel could happen so may be there still is a chance for this game but I am not going to hold my breath.