Ace Attorney goes to the Opera

Anyone who has ever played the Phoenix Wright series will know about the games' witty humour, well-crafted characters and challenging storyline. You will recognise Phoenix's characteristic hairdo, either love or hate prosecutor Miles Edgeworth and get to know other key characters from the popular series including Mia, Maya and of course, Detective Gumshoe.

Well, although many gamers from around the world have enjoyed stepping into the famous attorney's shoes, shouting 'Objection!' at every possible opportunity, no one seems to love Phoenix quite as much as the Japanese do.

To prove it, here is some footage from the Ace Attorney Opera, performed by an all musical female troupe. Yes, you read that right, an Opera based on Phoenix Wright…classic! The opera is obviously all in Japanese so you probably won't be able to understand it, but you will recognise the characters, music and cases from the game.

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