'The Days Of Single-Player Games Are Numbered' Says Dave Parry

Dave Perry (Earthworm Jim, Messiah) reflected on gaming's past -- and pointed to the future, where he sees single-player experiences taking a distant back seat to online free-to-play games.
The future, according to Perry, is online and free-to-play. "I perosnally think the days of single-player games are numbered," he said. "Without question, our focus is entirely on multiplayer."

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Cajun Chicken3583d ago

NO! Dave Perry! I respect you so, but that is a gloomy day that is going to happen. I don't agree at all.

Danja3583d ago

Bioshock 2
Uncharted 2
Heavy Rain
Dead Rising 2
probably R&C

all SP games that im looking forward to this year....there will always be a balance...I think...

SL1M DADDY3583d ago

As long as there are those who love to play games, there will always be a love for games that tell a story and the best games at that are the single player ones.

SaiyanFury3583d ago

The real meat of a game is it's story, not the online connectivity. Single player isn't going anywhere, it's one of the major driving aspects of most games like RPGs. The single player aspect of games will never go out. Sure some games feature great online like Resistance 2, but it's the story that makes the game relevant. Not the optional online.

gaminoz3583d ago

Screw that. Single player games are much more immersive than just a bunch of fragfests.

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Sasanova3583d ago

guy is stupid. thats like arguing online play is a must in every game when there are people who love playing alone by themselves. i would argue that in some cases, coop destroys the games original intent cough* re5 cough*

Aclay3583d ago

I think that there will always be about just as many Single Player only games that are avaliable now in the future, because I just don't see Single Player games just dying out forever.

Multiplayer is great, but I'm more of a Single Player gamer myself and I will continue to buy and support Single Player games that interest me like Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, and Team ICO's next game ( probably will be Single Player)..... Some of the most memorable games I've ever played in my life were Single Player only with no multiplayer.

I've already started noticing that the Single Player portion in games that have Multiplayer now-a-days are taking a backseat, but I really wish that the devs. would deliver a Single Player experience just as strong as the Multiplayer, and I'd hate to see the Single Player portion in games totally disappear.

BlackIceJoe3583d ago

I really hope this does not happen because I love single player games. I can spend hours on a good RPG or what have you. But if the future holds is only multi-player games then it will be a sad day for gamers and me.

I like to play some shooter multi-player games but I never do online. Because I am more of a split-screen/Lan kind of player and even though those games are fun I can never play them as long as I can sink my teeth in a good single player game. So if the future holds only multi-player games then I will give up being a gamer. Because even though a good multi-player game can be fun to me at least it will never be a good a single player game. So I hope this never happens.

RememberThe3573583d ago

With Mass Effect, MGS4, Uncharted, Ratchet, Heavenly Sword, and many others beeing so damn fun, I would much appreciate it if we would still get single player games.

This dude can do what he wants, but this guy saying that single player games are dieing is like Gabe Nowell saying the PS3 is a failure. It's bull sh*t.


Hey whats up bro... you forgot DEAD SPACE off your list...

one of the best single player games of last year ( my personal game of the year )..

you can't miss out the game that put horror back were it belongs on the gaming front.

m-s-8-23583d ago

Having finally gotten around to playing Dead Space last week, I have to agree. What made it even more challenging and therefore fun was my first play through was on Hard going for the one gun Trophy. There were certain areas that took forever.

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