Noby Noby Boy Is Officially Ready To Rule Your Life

Blend Games writes about the launch of Noby Noby Boy:

"Yes, it has been verified. The news is completely confirmed. All doubts and waits are abolished. Noby Noby Boy is here, officially. Your life will now be owned by BOY and GIRL. Retreat to your PlayStation 3 and start expanding beyond the limits of the universe with Noby Noby Boy."

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TheHater3588d ago

I need $.42 to purchase this game :( only have $5 dollars in my account and I have to pay tax :( Guess I will have to buy another $50 dollar PSN card this weekend.

lokiroo4203588d ago

Drugs are bad m'kay, seriously though is it that good?

butterfinger3588d ago

for about an hour, and so far I've found the controls take a little getting used to but it's an overall enjoyable experience. If you've played Katamari, you will recognize the art style immediately and know that the game can't be too complicated. You basically stretch, have things dance or ride on your back, eat things, make different things (swallow a person and fruit at the same time), and just explore. For mindless fun, it was worth my $4.99.