Sector remap fragmentation slowing Intel X25-M SSDs

Intel's celebrated X25-M SSD may have just lost some of its luster. A new review indicates Intel's subsector wear-levelling actually causes massive fragmentation problems which are nearly impossible to fix. SSD advocates with persecution complexes, please report to the comments thread

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FantasyStar3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

The article is basically saying that Intel screwed up somewhere with how their X25-M SSD works when they decided to release a "fast" and a "cheap" version. The consequence is that over time the cheap version will begin losing write-speed to the point that even Laptop 2.5" HDDs perform faster. The worst part is that there's nothing you can do about it.

The article speculates that the "fast" version of the X25-Ms might be affected as well because both share the similar hardware.

Lord Anubis3558d ago

thank you but it's actually about how the software for the harddrive handles wear and tear for the flash memory.Because Solid State Drives wear out faster if the same flash chips continue to be used the software has to store the information on different flash blocks to prevent the HDD from loosing life fast however the algorithms on the intel drives are causing fragmentation taking up space and pretty much filling up the driving slowing down the performance of their HDDs. The only solution is to do a clean swipe and reinstall the programs again but because the software remain the same you would have to do it everytime it happens :(