Phoenix Games' Madden 2010 wishlist

Unless you count the Pro Bowl, which Phoenix Games thinks was only viewed by about 23 people, The 2008 NFL season came to an end earlier this month when the Pittsburgh Steelers won their record-setting sixth Super Bowl title. While there are those Madden fanatics out there who are able to play a football game in the spring, Phoenix Games has never been able to play a football game after the NFL season has ended. When late February rolls around, their copy of Madden usually gets put away, not to be touched again until they trade it in for five bucks off of next year's installment. April, May, June and July are strictly baseball months for them, then August rolls around and the new Madden comes out and football season starts again.

It's a cycle that Phoenix Games enjoys, just like they did this year's installment of Madden. When they first reviewed Madden 2009 last summer, they said it was a good game that perennial football gamers would enjoy, though it didn't redefine the franchise or introduce any revolutionary features. So, with Madden 2010 only a short six months away, here's some of the things they're looking for in the next installment of the world's biggest sports video game.

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