Microsoft's IE 8 incompatibility list: 2,400 major sites (and counting)

In an effort to improve Web users' compatibility experience, Microsoft added a new, user-selectable Compatibility List to the Release Candidate test version of IE 8 that the company released in January.

Microsoft describes the list - Version 1.0 of which includes 2,400 sites that don't render properly in IE 8 (in other words, an "incompatibility list") – as a tool designed to "make sure IE8 customers have a great experience with highly trafficked sites that have not yet fully accomodated IE8's better implementation of web standards." There is a downloadable list for IE testers using Vista and another version of the IE 8 list for XP users.

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Graphics Whore3588d ago

Work with Mozilla, this proprietary browser is never going to fly as long as there is an open source browser in existence. I think you need to go back to the drawing board Microsoft.

Jdoki3588d ago


Is this a case of the sites not writing code that adhere's to agreed W3C etc standards.


MS applying the standards in the way they see fit.

I know which I would put my money on! (Hint: MS have NEVER created a standards compliant browser.) Small wonder FireFox is chewing in to IE's market share.

Marcus Fenix3588d ago

I won't be upgrading 2 this version until they fix this issue