GameSpot: Tenchu: Shadow Assassins Review

Unfortunately, most of the fun there is to be had in Tenchu: Shadow Assassins is overshadowed by the game's pervasive flaws. You're always struggling against the awkward controls to puzzle your way through the pseudostealth missions. Players who like a stiff challenge and don't mind working through a bevy of gameplay issues might find some enjoyment here, but for most folks, it just isn't worth the hassle.

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Voiceofreason3557d ago

Awkward controls me a$$. The problem this person had is they are casual trying to play true hardcore. I have the game, controls are kinda stiff but they do not hamper the gameplay beyond 5 minutes of adjusting. Blocking works perfectly but you do not have much time at all to pull it off. Especially as the QT escape events seem to get quicker as you continue to win.

Enemy AI. They do the same thing in WoW and I dont see anyone complaining. 5 guards in an area cant all come running at once.Granted it isnt a perfect system but it is the same system we have had in many games for 10 years or more so no reason to start complaining about it now like it is a new thing. Do you really think Snake could have done half the stuff he did in reality and nobody notice? Hell no but the game would be crap if it was 100% realistic so developers take some liberties to help things along. One of them being AI guards that do not see things 10 feet away.

Review was written by someone that doesnt even understand the genre. Sure the trolls are going to disagree but I dont think anyone that reads this review and has played stealth games for as long as they have been out could think this guy was a long time player. He doesnt even grasp certain aspects of gameplay that have always been that way.