Battlefield Heroes - We've started sending out Beta Keys writes: "Hello everyone,

As some of our more devoted Twitter followers will have noticed, we have already sent out FOUR THOUSAND Beta Keys since yesterday.

These first Beta Keys are being sent to those who previously signed up for the BF Heroes Beta through QA Boss a while back.

We're just getting started but we expect to accelerate the rate at which we distribute keys over the next few weeks."

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herbaldoctor73557d ago

the game sucks i turned it off after 20 mins....

lelo3558d ago

Where is my key ... :(

peeps3557d ago

hoping to get on this beta, looks like a fun game to play. Game is due before April though so we'll see if they make that deadline because it's already been delayed from the summer 08 release

mcgrawgamer3557d ago

I'm loving it. the game is very team fortress like in many ways, but they took out the destructible enviroments :(, other than that the game way is very fun and surprisingly very addictive. I've been alternating between bf heroes and L4D since last sunday