Third Party Exclusives On The Rise

"It is said that third party exclusives are on a one way road to no return, but judging on what we have seen, it has just halted for the time being and is actually on its way back again."

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cmrbe3584d ago

are easier to justify if the particular userbase is big enough. So as times goes by it dose make a strong case for a 3rd party exclsuive on a particular console but i think that as long as all console holders have similar userbase. Its really hard for 3rd parties to ignore one console over the other.

Danja3584d ago

I dont think 3rd party exclusives are on the rise...they are still on the decline side..most games are still multi-plat well the games that ppl care about..and most 3rd party games that are exclusives are published by either M$ OR Sony so some sorta contract was put in wasn't really done outta pure kindness by the devs

Unicron3584d ago

Third party exclusives are on the decline, and next gen should be all but nonexistent outside of special deal scenarios.

DNAgent3584d ago

"And on top of all this, Capcom is about to announce an exclusive game for the Xbox 360."

Since when did Capcom ever say it was an exclusive game for 360 that they were announcing?

Last I heard, Capcom doesn't make exclusive games anymore (or good ones lol).

PoSTedUP3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

actually... the theory comes from the exclusive third party games that were announced recently. if you read the article you would understand that. titles such as stoked and quantom theory are third party and are exclusive, capcom is a third party dev and is developing a game for the 360, MGS4 was third party so was haze, star ocean4 is third party so is ninja blade etc. etc.

TOO PAWNED3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

yup written by some xbox fanboy that came up with his own theory with "returning 3rd party exclusives" based of his misunderstanding of this certain multiplatform from Capcom.
It doesn't say any where that game is exclusive to 360, if it was, than for sure you would know it, because they would like to hype it more.
Idiots. ut on other hand i understand them, 360 owners are depserate for exclusive games. All they get is exclusive DLC lol

pumpkinpunker3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

as far as I can see it's exclusive until Capcom says otherwise. if you want to hold your breath and believe that there was some other mysterious reason Capcom announced a "new game for the Xbox 360 that they will be showing trailer for on XBL" without any mention of the PS3 or PSN then have at it.

Shaka2K63584d ago

bungie,bioware,R*,crapcom,Squa re now epic Hahahahahahaha Shamesoft has nothing left Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

no wonder the Xflop 3rd60 has no games for 2009..


PoSTedUP3584d ago

yo man lol. you need to stop sniffing that crazy glue.

rCrysis3584d ago

throughout this generation, I've seen EXACTLY the opposite

since both the PS3, Wii, and 360 all have a significant number of consoles sold, multiplats are very profitable.

PoSTedUP3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

the article isnt there for nothing...

it says about the recent games going multiplatform but it also says that their have been alot of games that were announced exclusive from third party devs and it even lists some of them for example, of course not all of them though.

rCrysis3584d ago

we really can't explain why 3rd party devs choose to have exclusives.

could be for any reason. money. audience. etc..

PoSTedUP3584d ago

but they still are doing it.

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