Twisted Metal Ps3 new features & info

Kouppa-Networklive writes,Unless you have been living under a rock you probably already have heard of Twisted Metal coming to the ps3. This game is personally one of my top 3 car combat games of all time.

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jack who3216d ago

i guess i've been livin under a rock

jaybdemented3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

go back under

TM black was one of the best I've played

LeonSKennedy4Life3216d ago

Who disagreed with him?

Of course he's living under a rock! Where do you people think slime lives?

II Necroplasm II3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

One of my top favorite PS2 games ever made.
I hope they make sweet tooth in the new one like he was in Black

lokiroo4203216d ago

Welcome to video gaming, we'd be happy to introduce to some more but you have to get back to riddling those who wish to cross your bridge.

Darrius Cole3215d ago

Twisted Metal 2 was the best though.

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KIllzone41903216d ago

Cool article, maybe this will be the game to get me into twisted metal

RememberThe3573216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

This "article" had almost nothing to it. I could have made this sh*t up. This is just a list of generic back-of-the-box crap. Sorry, but this doesn't actually tell us anything.

AlterEgo3216d ago

Jaffe said JUST TODAY that there's no Twisted Metal


FrankenLife3215d ago


Though this article is basically a list of standard upgrades that would be expected. Twisted Metal is coming to the PS3. Perhaps it is to be an E3 announcement.

When TM head on came out on the PS2 Jaffe had said that in it they put hidden clues to what the next game to come from him would be. Well here are the clues.


Mikerra173215d ago

I grew up with the origonals this will be awesome

Buttons3215d ago

The new Twisted Metal WILL HAVE CARS!

Just give me a second, I'm gonna go write an article about this important news.

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cayal3216d ago

"This game is personally one of my top 3 car combat games of all time."

How many car combat games are there?

Panthers3216d ago

lol not many. I like vigilante 8, but its not better than TM

LeonSKennedy4Life3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Not very many...

187 Ride or Die
Auto Assault
Bandits Phoenix Rising
Burnout series
Car Combat(Retro Studios)
Carmageddon series
Crash Tag Team Racing
Cel Damage
Command & Conquer: Renegade
Darkwind: War on Wheels
Dead in the Water
Death Race
Death Rally
Destruction Derby series
Fired Up
FlatOut series
Full Auto series
Hard Truck: Apocalypse
Interstate series
Jak X: Combat Racing
Knight Rider
Lego Racers Series
Lucky & Wild
Mad Truckers, a 3D racing arcade
Mario Kart
Mashed series
MegaRace series
Pursuit Force series
Red Dog
Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012
Spy Hunter series
Streets of SimCity
Toy Commander
Twisted Metal series
VCL Presents: Motor Mayhem
Vigilante 8 series
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Crush Hour


Extreme-G series
Mach Rider
Road Rash series


Alien Front Online
Battle Tanx series
Panzer Front
Steel Reign
Tread Marks
Wild Metal
Battlezone and Battlezone 2


Blood Wake
Critical Depth
Dead In The Water
Hydro Thunder


Arctic Thunder

This doesn't include the various cart-racers either...

EDIT: Thank you, Kev. However...

BigKev453216d ago

That's some good research LeonSKennedy4Life.

jaybdemented3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

bubbles just for knowing all of those

edit: didn't know you got it for wiki. but still, good job

cayal3216d ago

Jesus, good work. I didn't know there were so many.

thebudgetgamer3216d ago

but one game is missing
it had rockets and what not


Sitdown3216d ago

how did you get disagrees for naming those games?

LeonSKennedy4Life3216d ago

I'm LeonSKennedy4Life...

Disagrees tend to follow me because:

- I'm not a Halo fan.
- I think Street Fighter owns Mortal Kombat
- I own a PS3 and I like it
- I didn't start gaming 5 years ago when most people started gaming...
- I have bloody hands as my avatar...which is bad...I guess


- if you Google image search the word "deuschebag", my avatar is in the third row...and those are MY hands, by the way. It's only on there because I called Hitler a deuschebag. Yes, it's spelled wrong...but I like to spell it like that.

Sheikh Yerbouti3215d ago

If you are going to mention David Jaffe, mention Calling All Cars.

I don't know if Wipeout would be consider vehicular combat. If so, it is arguably the best. I like Pursuit Force over Twisted Metal, but it is not the same type of game. I can jump out my car into another one while firing my guns like in the movies.

shadow27973215d ago

Is Burnout really car combat?

Even if it technically is, it's really in a different category than Twisted Metal and most of those other games.

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ToastyMcNibbles3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

this just in! a new feature in the twisted metal game for ps3 will be you driving a car with guns attached to it...also these weapons will have secondary fire as well as special attacks but seriously...these features sound like stuff you would already expect with a new twisted metal game..."tons of weapons and combo attacks"? "improved vehicle physics"? i would sure hope so...either way cant wait for twisted metal

NegativeCreepWA3216d ago

Talk about getting my hopes up for nothing. I want some real info on the game.

ToastyMcNibbles3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

thats what im sayin...these are more like obvious guesses of what will be in twisted metal

PS360PCROCKS3215d ago

I guess their will be guns. Rockets. Cars. Trucks and um fire. I bet I'm right, I better go write an article.

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