Sixaxis Controls: Do Gamers Want More?

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "The use of sixaxis controls has worked well in some Playstation 3 games while feeling like a chore in others. The concept of sixaxis controls is a good one, but the execution in which they have been used has garnered some mixed results. Read the full article to get The Nightly Gamers take on the future of sixaxis controls."

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cryymoar3587d ago

i just want people to stop complaining.
Sixaxis for me has been a blast. Especially in Motorstorm and Lair.

Cajun Chicken3587d ago

I'm a fan of Sixaxis, don't like Sixaxis? Play Flower, that game pretty much perfected it.

MrWeymes3587d ago

Yes, I was very impressed with the sixaxis controls in Flower.

lokiroo4203587d ago

Six axis is a welcome addition, the question is why not have it?

SmokingMonkey3587d ago

i love that in KZ2 you gotta hold the controller still when sniping

so..hold your breath...when you take a shot!

War. Perfected.

MrWeymes3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

That's pretty interesting. I didn't know that. I enjoy clever use of the sixaxis controls.

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