IGN: Petz: Crazy Monkeyz Review

Petz Crazy Monkeyz had a chance to set itself apart from the competition of the other titles in its own Ubisoft umbrella brand thanks to its concept of focusing on monkeys (certainly a non-standard pet choice) and its admittedly unique boxart. But the game is just plain boring. There's not that much to do, and what there is isn't very interesting itself. The game deserves a bit of credit for its use of a task manager that employs "Achievements" like you'd find in Xbox 360 titles, because that's a step in the right direction of much-needed structure in the virtual pet genre as a whole. But everything else falls flat, so don't waste your time or money on this one.

Presentation - 3.0
Graphics - 6.5
Sound - 3.0
Gameplay - 4.0
Lasting Appeal - 3.0
Overall -

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Coconutz9193584d ago

Petz...monkies... oh, goody.