1UP: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 Review

DOW2 is the sort of game that even with glaring faults, such as crashes to desktop, a bug that corrupts your savegame and therefore sent nine hours worth of 1UP's review playtime into a black hole (to be fair, Relic is aiming to fix that before the weekend), repurposed maps, and possible multiplayer balance issues, they still boot up and play. The fact that it does something genuinely different than the rest of the genre earns it a lot of goodwill from them; if DOW2 really was just the expected "COH in space" or "DOW with spiffy graphics," then those flaws would be intolerable.

So yes, 1UP loves it, flaws and all. Besides, watching Assault Marines or Stormboyz fly in the air and slam down onto some fools doesn't get old.

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GWAVE3562d ago

Loved the first one. Looking forward to this one. It's certainly one of the best RTSs on the market right now.

PlaystationSamurai3562d ago

do you have to pay for this mmo as well?fill me in

WaR_HaWk3561d ago

its an RTS not MMO, noob.

Sketchy3561d ago

I will be buying this game. Relic makes some good RTS. I enjoyed Company of Heroes very much. They need to make another Homeworld.