IncGamers: Halo Wars Review

IncGamers' review of the newest addition to the Halo family, Halo Wars, a fully working RTS on the 360?

"You'll be glad to hear then the environments, the vehicles, the music and even the menus all scream Halo, comforting fans and cuddling them into the game's bosom, almost whispering "Don't worry, I've not changed really" into hungry eyes and eager ears."

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Microsoft Xbox 3603349d ago

This game is on the verge of becoming the next flop for the Xbox 360.

Eiffel3348d ago

Yes because we all know a review from a gaming site with little to no rep spells fate for a game.

You honestly need to stop sucking life.

Magic_The_Celt3348d ago

^ Well, look at its Metacritic %

Not quite the AAA title microsoft was hoping for im sure

Eiffel3348d ago

Which was plagued by fanboys to negative percent.
Come on 0.1 %?

My ass, another victim to a flame war.

Elven63348d ago

It has a 80% with only 4 ratings, the review embargo lifts tomorrow, at least wait for you deem it a failure.

Xi3348d ago

one of which was a 7 which was given to them by edge, who also gave killzone 2 a 7 is definetly not a fail for one of, if not the least, popular genre today.

NegativeCreep4273348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

but if the Xbot Butt-Buddies consider GameInformer's 8.9 review of Killzone 2 as a flop, then that must label Halo Wars' 8.2 score as an UBER FLOP!!!!

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syrinx3349d ago

Agreed, good score and sounds like it is spot-on based on review comments and the demo.

xbox360achievements3349d ago

Nice one on sticking to the embargo like everyone else IncGamers. I hope it's worth it! Ha ha.

Elven63349d ago

Perhaps they were given a exception? Our embargo lifts tomorrow, unfortunately because of the post office we only got it today! :( We hope to get it done on time though.

Immortal Kaim3349d ago

Someone's going to get in trouble... tsk tsk breaking embargo just for some extra hits.

UltimaEnder3348d ago

Exactly, why the heck did they do this; pitiful pitiful site!

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The story is too old to be commented.