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Submitted by tmt345 2544d ago | news

Cnet Prizefight PS3 Versus Xbox 360

It has been two years since the Playstation 3 hit the market, and three years since the Xbox 360 hit the market. Two years is a eternity in the gaming world with new features and games that have come out on each of the consoles. Cnet decided it was time to visit the Prizefight ring again, last time the Xbox 360 won, but much has changed since then on Sony's side. Lets see who comes out on top. Lets hope the Cnet editors remember that MGS4 and Killzone 2 aren't the only PS3 exclusives (hint hint) and that multi-platforms look better on the 360 due to porting. (PS3, Xbox 360)

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GWAVE  +   2544d ago
EDIT: Awwww. Look. I got bubbled down from 9 to 8. Fanboys just can't stand hearing the truth, huh?

LOL. A comparison by Cnet. Hmmmmm. Wonder which one is gonna get praised?

In case you want to know:

360 - 3.3 PS3 - 3.7

360 - 3.7 PS3 - 5.0

360 - 5.0 PS3 - 3.0

360 - 4.0 PS3 - 4.0

360 - 4.0 PS3 - 3.0

"Bang for your buck"

360 - 4.0 PS3 - 3.0
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sonarus  +   2544d ago
I thought it was pretty fair except for the last round where they compare bang for your buck
Timberland2K9  +   2544d ago
What really gets me......
How the 360 fanboys say, Oooo graphics aren't everything yet they go rave about how much better multiplats look on 360.


Funny how they don't talk about the extremely inovative ps3 games on the PSN and how much the 360 red rings.

Idk because the reviewers rated ps3s games on the psn way too low. and who the he(( plays xbox originals.
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Mindboggle  +   2544d ago
I sort of agree with the list, and yes both consoles are great value for money, but considering the PS3 has a built in blu ray player, built in wifi, rechargable controller in every box, hard drive in every box and free online I dont entirely agree with the last round.

I think you get an equal amount of "bang for your buck" with both consoles but for £299 the PS3 is very good value, and the £100 360 is also a very good price for what you get. I think the last round should of been scored equal. But hey thats just my opinion.
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Kushan  +   2544d ago
Innovative games like Braid?
Seriously, comparing the games on the PSN with XBLA is a little silly, for every "innovative" title on PSN, there's about 5 quality titles on XBLA. They might not be innovative, but they're still pretty good games. I'm glad I have both consoles because I get a mixture of both. And just for the record, Wipeout HD is my favourite downloaded title yet.

I think both services are pretty evenly matched in the end, plus people seem to not care about Microsoft's Community Games idea. If you're seeking innovation, that's the place to look for it because as long as someone with a good idea is dedicated enough, they can get their game on there without anyone stopping them - and for a very affordable sum (you're talking < 3 figures, not counting equipment like a PC and a regular 360). I'm not saying this is bad for the PS3 or anything, like I said most people seem to be ignoring them at the moment, but I still think it's a great idea.
pwnsause  +   2544d ago
"Seriously, comparing the games on the PSN with XBLA is a little silly, for every "innovative" title on PSN, there's about 5 quality titles on XBLA."

such as?
Why o why  +   2544d ago
yeah Kushan tell and remember you said for every 1 there's 5 on xbl so please name me 25. ill actually let you get away with 20 as im gunna name 6

pixel junk monsters

HV bowling

Super stardust hd

Wipeout HD



yes i know ur exaggerating but still its obvious you dont have a ps3 to even make such flippant comments like that. It wasn't even funny


dont disagree with me guys, he said it not me;)

La Chance

just a question or 2. Are you French?

Do you see how the UK press have some type of slant against everything non british especially the French and Germans because of past......lets say......issues?

The reason you seem never to acknowledge media bias is probably because most of the western media is actually in favour of the console you prefer and a high proportion of that media is from the country of that very same console. Would you at least tell me that you know that 'variety' is biased against the ps3 OR in favour of the 360 because its like im taking pigeon steps right about now. Did you read the david jaffe article earlier on??
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La Chance  +   2544d ago

You got to be kidding !

All you do is whine how the media is biased bla bla bla , you've actually ended up believing your own conspiracy theories...

Funny how the media wasnt biased when a couple of months ago LBP was getting great scores.And its weird too they werent biased when MGS4 came out...the conspiracy theories always pop back out when "insert name here" doesnt score better as good as the highest rated 360 games.

Moreover you bring up stupid invented figures like those sales figures that you post in almost every thread that are a pure product of your imagination.

EVERYTHING that doesnt show Sony as winner in one way or another is of course biased and a part of the intergalactic conspiracy against Sony.

And of course you are NOT a fanboy.No of course not!
According to N4G standards all that makes you "unbiased".

@why o why above : yes Im french and live in France and no I didnt read the David Jaffe article.

And to be honest I havent noticed anything type of "slant" from the UK media...or maybe were just used to it and dont notice it.But saying that I dont perceive the anti-sony "thing" thats going on because Im a 360 fan isnt correct , I mean I can say the same thing about you : I can say you think the media is biased simply because you prefer the PS3.

The thing is if the media IS biased then its biased EVERYDAY and NOT only when it suites people.

It wasnt biased when the ENTIRE WORLDWIDE MEDIA was predicting the death of the 360 in 2008 for no good reason at all but when the very same media predicts bad times to come for Sony for instance...well all of a sudden theyre biased...sorry but in my opinion it just doesnt work that way.
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AJKanismajoris  +   2544d ago
Crap comparison
So that Cnet comparison was another 360 apraisment (not a real word)
Bang for your buck? and the 360 wins? thats bullshit to make the 360 have the same stuff the ps3 has it would cost alot more and didn't say earlier that the ps3 has alot MORE FEATURES!!

The graphic comparison was a joke coz alot of comparisons between the 360 and ps3 are done in HD right?, alot of the time the "testers" (Cnet)
forget to set the HDMI range on the ps3 from Limited to full and they leave Superwhite OFF.

They can;t compare the games because Cnet don't control peoples minds, remember different people like different things.....that's why Cnet sucks
CrazzyMan  +   2544d ago
Why no &lt;&lt; Reliability &gt;&gt; point?
Just curious... =))

Anyway, in terms of games, it depends on person`s TASTE.
I mean:

Resistance 1 & 2
Motorstorm and M:PR
Heavenly Sword
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
White Knight Cronicles
Disgaea 3
Valkyria Chronicles
WipEout HD
Metal Gear Solid 4
Ratchet and Clank
Naruto: UNS
Killzone 2
Yakuza 3
And many PSN titles

These exclusive games should satisfy anyone`s taste. =)
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Kushan  +   2544d ago
@Why o why - I've already embarrassed one person on this forum by posting a picture of my PS3, do you really want me to do the same to you?

But getting back on topic, you missed my point entirely. I never once said that XBLA's titles were BETTER than PSN's and that was precisely my point. I simply said that XBLA has a lot more titles than PSN, "Quality" titles being ones that aren't the likes of Yaris or even that free Doritos one we got the other day. Nothing special, just decent games. And the point I was making (because I'm sure you still haven't got it) was that while the PSN has fewer titles, they're more innovative. While XBLA has less innovation, it has more (decent) titles in general. And, let me stress this, I never said one was better than the other, although it may have looked that way. But I'm trying to get through to you is that both services are just as good as each other (I'm not talking about Live here, I'm talking about XBLA), but in different ways. Got it yet?
There's no need to get so defensive, you know.
Anon1974  +   2544d ago
I guess this is about what we should expect from cnet....
...after all, their parent company does have deals with Microsoft that need protecting. Anyway, here we go.

So, they admit that the PS3 has better graphics - and yet score them the same in the graphics department. O..K....

XBL is apparently the hands on better online experience vs the PSN. 5 vs 3. Just don't ask us to explain why.

Games. 4 vs 3 for the 360...and again, you're not supposed to wonder why there was a different score, just accept it because they don't explain.

Ugh. And bang for your buck, the 360? Despite listing all the features of the PS3, let alone the Blu-Ray, and bang for your buck goes to the 360?

Wake me when CBS's partnership with Microsoft expires so Cnet can go back to being unbiased again.
Why o why  +   2544d ago
I've already embarrassed one person on this forum by posting a picture of my PS3, do you really want me to do the same to you?

calling me defensive......o k

anyway, ive come across your type before. The type that has everything which somehow leads them to think that they should be exonerated from any claims of bias, favouritism or unbalanced. U know the 'how can i be racist because i have a black friend' type (bad analogy but im in a rush). Just because you have both consoles (ill take your word for it even though i dont really care) you're preference clearly shines green. I've no issue with that but please. Cut the 'im immune to talk sh!t' act as like i said i felt you may of been making such 'flippant' comments as some type of joke. I even pointed out that i got snagged.......unless you really believe what you said.....nah
Kushan  +   2544d ago
Dude, let me ask you straight - what exactly is it that I've said that you're so upset about? I sitting here stating that I like both PSN and XBLA for different reasons, that they each have their advantages, pros and cons, yet you're getting very defensive, like I've said something horrible or made out that the PSN is rubbish. I'm at a loss, I can't be any more clear here. Yeah, sure, I've got a "preference" for green, I prefer my 360 over my PS3 and I'm not afraid to admit that (The difference is that I'm not a fanboy, I can happily point out the 360's flaws, the PS3's strengths and not get upset about it), but why on earth are you so upset at me claiming they're equal in this area?
In fact, considering the article claims the XBLA is better, I'm actually defending the PS3 (in a slightly roundabout way), so once again I ask you - what have I said that you're so upset about?
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Narutone66  +   2544d ago
Look who CNET's
partners are:
wait for the partners to appear and you will see that MS is one their partners in business. Yep, obvious bias there if you ask me.
Why o why  +   2544d ago
Kushan....chil nah
im smiling whilst i type. Ive been away from n4g for a while and i was just having a little fun. Have a bubble mr s-s-sensitive ;)
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Why o why  +   2544d ago
well La Chance
truth is the british dont really like the french or foreigners for that matter. I love the french (Arsenal supporter) but trust me there is always an angle out here. We call the french arrogant when you are just confident. We say we are reserved when sometimes that just a way of saying we're repressed. A negative angle is used more often than not and thats a british person telling you. That stuff you were saying about having to be bias all the time/everyday couldn't be more further from the truth. I hate having to use analogies but people may be sexist. It doesnt mean they wont give a female a job, No but it they may not give that same female the opportunities as the males (glass ceiling). Thats an instant of being bias without being bias 100%. Another thing is Gametrailers, i mean cumon lachance. You telling me you cant see how MS's affiliation with viacom hasn't filtered down to them. The company they are in favour of are the same company that hired a boat to sale past the ps3 launch with banners on the side and people close by to hand out chairs with messages on to people queuing. Ok its all a joke and that but it shows you how far some people will take viral and manipulation. The want for the power to sway the thoughts of rational people cannot be underestimated.

You can also show me the 360 is dead articles from variety gamespot 1 up etc. For every 1 of those you'll find 5 saying the ps3's dead *see what i did Kushan* ;)
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MNicholas  +   2544d ago
This article was a 360 ad
Even when they talked about how MGS4 looked good they showed a tiny shot of a bland setting with a simple nearly overhead camera angle but for Gears they showed a full-screen clip with a dynamic camera angle.

These things might seem small to you but anyone who's been in marketing can tell you that these are not accidental.

Still, Cnet has never really determined market winners. They always backed Pioneer Plasma's using ridiculously unrealisitic "tests" yet Pioneer is now getting out of the plasma manufacturing business.
thereapersson  +   2544d ago
@ La Chance
"It wasnt biased when the ENTIRE WORLDWIDE MEDIA was predicting the death of the 360 in 2008 for no good reason at all..."

Uhm, I believe that was the PS3 being predicted as "dying"....
Death  +   2544d ago
Sony and Microsoft are also business partners.
Maybe Sony is in third place because of Microsofts interests. Sounds stupid, doesn't it?

Bang for the buck is a phrase that many people use to rank a products perceived value based on price. The PS3 has more features, but on average the system costs more. This means you are essentially paying for these features. Free online would have been a benefit had the online services ranked evenly. The PS3 has some kick ass games in it's library and it's growing everyday. So is Microsoft's. The one year advantage also applies to software which is how the Xbox 360 can be ranked higher.

Which system ranks higher? That depends on the individual's needs. If you are looking for a system that plays Blu-Ray movies and online isn't your number one priority, the PS3 is for you. If you don't care about movies and simply want to play games, the Xbox 360 is a great choice. You can't really go wrong with either system which is probably why you can't be right about which system is better. My advise, buy both. If you can't afford to own both systems, find a friend that has the system you don't and enjoy gaming.

cmrbe  +   2544d ago
It dosent make sense
They said bang for your buck goes to x360 because its cheaper than the PS3 and yet they rated xboxlive above PSN even though PSN is free ?.

What a Bullcrap comparison.

Bang for your back?. You get a heck of alot more with the 400 PS3 than any of the x360 SKU. In built wi-fi, Blu-ray drive, Standard HD.

On top of this. The PS3 solid as a rock unlike the x360. Why reliability wansnt included completely baffles me until i found out its from Cnet.

I hope not. As i definatley don't want the same failure rate as the x360.
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Powertesties  +   2544d ago
I have been saying this from....
Day one! All the fanboys do is take my poor bubbles. Oh well.

CNET is right on the money in this video showdown. RIGHT ON.

Both systems rock but at the moment the 360 has the edge. Listen Sony fans, this doesn't mean that the PS3 won't at least equal the 360 in the future, we are simply saying that as of right now, the 360 has the edge.

If Sony can do some firmware updates (the recent rumored list is exactly what the PS3 needs) and as the lineup of games continue to grow, there is no reason why the PS3 can equal that of the 360.

Heck, they may even be able to bypass it later on!

Good job CNET!
Doppy  +   2544d ago
I have some grips with this, but they are other people's opinions even though I don't agree. So I decided to score the systems myself, but remember their scores are the average of 3 people while I'm just one person.

Design: Based off the scores the Xbox 360 got a 3, 3, and a 4. While the PS3 got a 4, 4, and a 3. How on earth can you say the Xbox 360 and the PS3 tie in design? The PS3 looks much better than the Xbox 360 and the 2 judges who said their designs are equal need to be slapped. The only negative about the PS3 is that it's a huge and a dust and fingerprint magnet (the 360 also collects A LOT of dust, but on the inside used air to clean mine).

360 - 3.0
PS3 - 4.0

Features: The 360 has nowhere near as many features as the PS3 has PERIOD.

360 - 3.0
PS3 - 5.0

Online: The 360 reigns supreme here, but the PS3 deserves more than a 4 TO ME. I use the Internet Browser often, because I have A LOT of friends who seem to come over EVERYDAY now, and when someone's on the computer and laptop the PS3 is the next choice, and since I have a mouse and Keyboard it works pretty well. PSN is free, Home is nice to play in every once in a while, you can download movies from the PSN Video store, or watch them using DivX support or PlayOn to make up for the lack of Netflix which you also have to pay for to use on the 360.

360 - 5.0
PS3 - 4.0

Graphics: Now I agreed with this score until they mention Killzone 2. Killzone 2 is the best looking console game to date, and it's exclusive to PS3. Multiplatform games do look better on the 360, but no multiplatform game looks better than Killzone so to me the PS3 gets the edge. No perfect's here, because I'm still waiting for a game to WOW me with it's graphics, and I haven't been awestruck by a game yet.

360 - 4.0
PS3 - 4.5

Games: The 360 has more and a larger variety of games PERIOD. Even though I prefer the PS3 exclusives the 360, the fact is the 360 has a larger quantity of games to choose from in every genre. And while the PS3 has quality, both are needed to win this category. We'll see how this category goes next year.

360 - 4.5
PS3 - 3.5

"Bang for your buck": This was complete BS. The PS3 just crushed the 360 is Features earlier on, so how can it get a 3/5 compared to the 360 in this category when they compared it to the $299 360 which is only $100 less than the PS3. I think both systems are completely worth the money, at the price they are at now. I don't include the arcade, because they can't use or get any of the XBLA stuff that Cnet mentioned (5 BS games that come free don't count).

360 - 4.0
PS3 - 4.0

Overall: I love both of my consoles, but I do prefer the PS3 more than the 360. I completely agree with the statement they made at the end that the 360 is the better gaming console as of now, and the PS3 is more of a multimedia device which is why I love it. If you are a true gamer you should have both of them anyway (360 owners who bought the $400 360 at launch have no excuse since PS3 is $400, and PS3 owners have no excuse at all), which makes this whole prizefight pointless. But here's what I think. Again, remember their scores are the average of 3 people while I'm just one person.

360 - 3.9 Online, Games, Price
PS3 - 4.1 Do-It-All system
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NNNW  +   2544d ago
still waiting for you to name the 20 games..
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2544d ago
CNET. nuff said.

Best bang for your buck? 360 wins? haha.
Graphic comparison? Tie? WTF?!?
Games? 360 wins? What games?

The guy even said it himself, graphics seen in games like Killzone 2, aren't found on the 360, yet he gives it a tie because of the "slight" difference in multiplatform games. Tsk tsk.

Where is the 7th round? Which is RELIABILITY. They knew it's an automatic 1/5 for the 360 so they left that round out. There's your bias right there. What a joke.
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II Necroplasm II  +   2544d ago
YAY!!! another flamewar whhoooooo!

Enjoy the excitement in your life.
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lociefer  +   2544d ago
graphics = tie ? srsly ? ur comparing 360 games wich r all fckin unreal engines to awesomly crafted ps3 games ? i mean, fuk , ppl still compare gears 2 to uncharted 1 coz gears cant even match killzone 2, best bang for ur buck = 360 , LOOLLLLL , ya if u think that payin for online / repairs / accessories = good value then yea, its a good bang for ur bucks , remove this crap article
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2544d ago
Does the 'C' stand for C......

Erm i better not say, i'll get banned again...
It begins with a 'C' Next letter is a 'U' Next letter is a 'N' Last letter is a 'T'

+ 'xBox 360' Vs 'PS3' - "Graphic comparison - Tie"???????????? WTF are they SMOKING??? ;-D
It's a 'Tie' if it's 'xBox 360' Vs 'PS......2'!!! ;-D
+ Actually the 'PS2' would win that!!! ;-D
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GiantEnemyCrawdad  +   2544d ago
Looks like 360 wins again
Sorry PS3rd droids, maybe you'll win next time. But you probably won't.
HDgamer  +   2544d ago
biased article for fanboys
real gamers would own both or play one without caring about the ignorance that follows console wars.
INehalemEXI  +   2544d ago
I own both and a wii but I think im going to trade in my 360. This the 3rd one and its starting to act funny.

sometimes it does not respond when I hit eject. Then I got to powerdown and powerup before it will eject a disc. Today when I powered it up it seemed to not want to for a few seconds....thats what I ment by acting funny.
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Megaton  +   2544d ago
lol @ equal graphics. That one is determined by fact, rather than opinion. A fact in which the PS3 clearly tops the 360. The whole multiplat comparison is seriously flawed. They run on multiplat engines, which are forced to function on the unit with the lowest specs. A realistic graphics comparison is done by flexing exclusive titles, the ones that actually utilize everything the console has to offer.
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Kushan  +   2544d ago
Sorry, but you're wrong.

Definition for a FAIR test: "A 'fair test' is one in which you only change one thing (variable). "

When you compare a multiplatform game, the only difference is the platform it's running on. When you compare exclusives, not only is the platform different, but so is the game. How the game differs decides how it's designed. It's like comparing an RTS to an FPS - the FPS will "look" better, but it wont have hundreds of enemies on screen at once.

Yes, it's a bit sucky, but the truth is it's not easy to directly compare the two consoles. It's like comparing a Ferrari to a truck, the expensive Ferrari will be faster, but the truck can pull more weight. Which is better? The Ferrari? Not if your task is carrying a huge trailer.

Even inside genres, like FPSs, the engine design can differ vastly depending on it's intention. I'm going to do something I'll probably regret 10 disagrees from now, but lets compare Killzone 2 to Halo 3 for a second: Killzone 2 looks, by far, infinitely better than Halo 3. I'll give you that witohut question. It also runs in a higher resolution than Halo 3. Once again, no problem giving you that. But does Killzone 2 have split screen? No. Halo does. In fact, halo 3 can do 4 player split screen. This one difference alone makes a huge impact on what you can do with a game, graphically speaking. For Killzone 2 to do even 2 player splitscreen, it'd have to tone down the visuals a bit. 4 player split screen, even more (You have to render the same scene 4 times, after all, possibly even more depending on how many rendering passes you have for lighting and such). Halo 3 never looked good, I don't care what the fanboys say, but 4 play split screen is no easy task.
So in the end, which is more technically superior? Well, neither. They both do their own thing for their own reasons and you cannot compare them directly.

I hope even if you disagree with all of this, you at least take away one point: The comparisons are stupid, the only reason people do them is to validate themselves in some way. Just play the games already, that's what we're all here for.
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Why o why  +   2544d ago
are i get it
so your eyes cant tell what better graphics are unless its a comparison of the exact same part of a game done by gametrailers. Your whole wall of text has failed on so many levels. Actually i think im being over sensitive and your just having a laugh at our expense. touche

oh so halo is better than gears 2 because it can do split screen right? and with that Uranus logic motorstorm 2 smashes forza 2 just because it has 4 player split screen too. hmm. Whats your angle on gt5p vs forza + every other driving game i wonder....... any takers???

'The comparisons are stupid, the only reason people do them is to validate themselves in some way. Just play the games already, that's what we're all here for.'

.........damn................ .you're right. now i've got eff all to do *sigh*
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Kushan  +   2544d ago
@Why o why

Once again, you missed my point entirely, except this time it went completely over your head and into a field nearby.

"oh so halo is better than gears 2 because it can do split screen right?"

Where did I say Halo was better than anything? Where did I say Split screen made a game better? What I said was it made the game DIFFERENT and that's why the comparison isn't so black in white. How on earth did you miss that? Look, I'll quote the key point that you managed to miss:

"So in the end, which is more technically superior? Well, neither. They both do their own thing for their own reasons and you cannot compare them directly."
#4.3 (Edited 2544d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Why o why  +   2544d ago
Kushan Kushan Kushan
thats like saying you cannot compare different cars from different manufactures or different football or basketball players to each other. Everything is comparable mate, rightly or wrongly. Our brains are not that placid where comparisons have to be almost identical for us to make a valid judgement. Thats like saying the oscars should not have a best actor award because the actors are not all doing the same role in their version of the same film. Sorry mate that really is ridonkulous. You can break graphic comparisons into different smaller more palatable groups if you want.

Art style, (bioshock vs folklore) facial animation (mass effect vs heavenly sword) lifelike (gt5p vs forza *cough*) Scale (resistance 2 vs Gears 2) etc. CNET just folded thats all.

The whole time i thought we were talking about graphics and why exclusives ARE in fact comparable and its seems you were on about other things. Seems again ill have nothing to do but go to sleep;)
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GWAVE  +   2544d ago
Funny how late 2006 and for all of 2007, 360 owners bragged and bragged about exclusives. If it wasn't exclusive, it didn't matter. Sure, most of the best games of 2007 were also on PS3, but PS3 didn't have TEH EXCLUSIVZ!!! 2008 rolls around and the tune changed. Now it was all about TEH HIGHEST RATED EXCLUSIVZ!!! Yet, as 2008 went on, that tune changed, too.

Now, is it all about TEH MULTIPLATFORM GAMEZ?

LOL. This is hilarious.
Kushan  +   2544d ago
We ARE talking about graphics, but now you're talking about the very basics that constitute graphics, yet when you do that you can't outrightly say that one game is graphically superior to another. Does Killzone 2 have the best lip syncing technology out there? The best Facial animation? Probably not. Best particle physics? Maybe!

To really get to the core of this "argument", you do actually have to step back and ask the question "What do we mean by 'graphics'?". I'm seriously, how do you define graphics in a game? It's not just number of polygons on screen or texture resolution (Which is a shame, because those are things we could directly compare on the consoles), it is all about art style, creativity, plus what the game is actually trying to accomplish in the first place. I stand by my statement that Killzone 2 couldn't do Split screen on the PS3, or if it did the overall graphical appearance would have to drop somewhat. It's impossible to say how much, but you know what, it doesn't matter, it's not an issue and I only picked "split screen" as an example because it's something everyone knows immediately. If I started talking about scene graphs, BSP trees, quad trees and various other things, I'd probably lose most of the people here. Forget "split screen" being something that makes one game "better" than another, think of it as something that makes one game DIFFERENT from another. Now imagine that there are thousands of things that any two games could differ with, internally, and you should (hopefully) see what I'm getting at.

Going back to your car analogy - Comparing a 360 exclusive against a PS3 exclusive isn't like comparing two different cars, it's like comparing two different cars on two different tracks. You might be able to draw some rough conclusions, but the conditions are vastly different. I stand by my point on "Fair testing". It's one of the first basic concepts you learn in school and it applies here as much as anywhere else.

But I also stand by my original point - it doesn't really matter. It's not like the most powerful console of a generation is sure to be the "winner". The Xbox didn't beat the PS2, the Dreamcast didn't beat the N64 and the N64 didn't beat the PS1. Hell, the Wii is laughing at both the PS3 and 360 and it's nowhere near as powerful, so why do people get so upset and adamant about comparing the 360 to the PS3?
Rice  +   2544d ago
I thought the comparison was quite fair except for the graphics department, and bang for your bucks can be more arguable.
ukilnme  +   2544d ago
Agreed. I prefer the games on 360 but I would have to give bang for the buck to the PS3 because it can do a few more things.
PirateThom  +   2544d ago
Taking a comparison from Cnet is as good as taking one from

Next up, a PS3 vs 360 comparison from Columbia Pictures.
Ldubbz  +   2544d ago
So now Cnet, which includes Gamespot, Metacritic is Microsoft too?

Seriously, what is it with you guys and the conspiracy theories? Isnt there more tangible things you could focus on?

And in case anyone is wondering...CNET is now part of CBS network, which is owned my Viacom. If you think that MS has the power to run Viacom, then youre crazy.
PirateThom  +   2544d ago
Oh, well, considering they always hate on the PS3, I just assumed they were owned by Microsoft.
Consoldtobots  +   2544d ago
no but viacom and ms do have a marketing deal, just like ms does with variety.

don't let silly fanboys get away with over simplification.
MNicholas  +   2544d ago
You should look up the term Strategic Partnership
If you've ever worked in corporate strategy you might have a clue.
redsquad  +   2544d ago
Just buy the console you want and be done with it. Back to sleep now...
jmare  +   2544d ago
The comparison was alright up until it got to the online service part. Now, I don't disagree that Live came out on top, just that PSN got hit a little too hard, especially when you look at the features round and the 360 garnered a much better score comparatively. After that it just kind of went downhill.
Chaoticsoulx  +   2544d ago
It's cnet, the same company that got caught accepting money for review scores..
I wouldn't trust their words if someone paid me, so few good people left in this world.
slimy the g8ter  +   2544d ago
lol yea this complete trash seriuosly he said the graphics on ps3 exclusives were better but it was a tie and again he gave the 360 the edge in games (he used Halo 3 which is 3 years old lol Cnet is a joke and Blu-ray players cost $600 by itself so obviously the ps3 is better he said it himself.
armogangsta  +   2544d ago
last round WTF
i found most of the rounds fair
but the last round was WOW
cuz bang for ur buck is how much money u put out and is it worth it
then they said the 360 is cheaper because of its 300 dollar price
but they didnt even mention the addons u got to pay for
like the 100 dollar wifi and 50 dollars a year for xbl so...
if they actually did a fair round the last round
ps3 would have won
cnet u fail
i have all three consoles btw so... yea
oh and they 4got great exclusives for the ps3 like resistance 2 and gt5 AND KILLZONE 2 even thought it comes out in 9 days
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2544d ago
What if I don't need Wi-Fi? Or what if I don't plan on going online? I can buy a cheaper 360 and not have to pay for features I wouldn't use. Or I can go the extra mile and buy those features(with no choice) and never use them on the PS3.

I am so glad I didn't have to pay for Wifi on the 360 because I don't use it. And my PS3 is also hard wired so that is a feature that is never getting used but I paid for it in a round about way.
jmare  +   2544d ago
@ crab
You have a point about someone not needing or not using a feature, however, when making comparisons about features, you base it on what they have versus what they don't, not do people want to use them. And as to your not wanting the extras like wi-fi for the 360, what about the people that do want or need those extras?
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2544d ago
Lots of bangs and bucks!
jmare: When I think bang for your buck is how many bucks am I putting down and what am I getting. Right now with the 360 priced the way it is you can buy the arcade SKU and the WiFi and still be cheaper than the PS3. The way the 360 is priced it is a lot of bang for your buck. Right now with the PS3 you are getting a lot of bang but it costs you a lot of bucks. lol

Maybe a better way to say it is Price vs Features or perceived value?

Either way, I can say the last catagory is subjective since not everyone needs/wants the same things. I definately see your point though.
cmrbe  +   2544d ago
i would understand if they said it like that. In that case it would be just their opinion and i am cool with it but Bang for your buck is like getting 2 ice cream for the price of 1. With 400 you can get the PS3 with a blu-ray drive wi-fi and Standard hard drive. Compare this to any of the x360 sku and no one can really say you get more bang for your buck with the x360.

Yes perhaps gaming value vs price would have been better.
Zeus Lee  +   2544d ago
360 - 3.3 PS3 - 4.7

360 - 4.0 PS3 - 5.0

360 - 4.0 PS3 - 3.0

360 - 4.0 PS3 - 5.0

360 - 4.0 PS3 - 4.7

"Bang for your buck"

360 - 3.0 PS3 - 5.0

INehalemEXI  +   2544d ago
That looks about right.
kornbeaner  +   2544d ago
This is the same 360 vs PS3 prizefight that was showed at the launch of the PS3. They are just recycling the same story. Scores are just about the same in the same category that have been for the last 3 years. Which is BS the difference between the the 2 consoles isn't more than .2 of point depending on what feature you like/need. BS story.
Zeus Lee  +   2544d ago
&quot;And in case anyone is wondering...CNET is now part of CBS network, which is owned my Viacom. If you think that MS has the power to run Viacom...

Belasco  +   2544d ago
For fvcks sake, your really stretching withy that one.
patterson  +   2544d ago
How's that stretching?

Remember how FOX news helped get a president elected not too long ago?

Advertising is a powerful tool.

Microsoft's advertising partnership with Viacom (for a "measly" $500 million) is nothing to sneeze at. And you don't think they want to use that tool to help make their competition look bad or them look good? What's so unbelievable?

You're unbelievable!
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2544d ago
You don't think Sony has business dealing with Viacom who is the largest TV/Cable/Media holdings company in the USA?


patterson: I just did a google search its not like there aren't hundreds to choose from. Still the point is Viacom is huge and both companies do business with them all the time. You think those lines of Bravia TV's at Viacoms building all advertising Sony is not an advertising deal?

Sony has a huge television and music division and they do a lot of business with Viacom and I would even say more than what Viacom and MS do.

Only one camp makes the argument that whenever a console is praised there is something sinister at work. I can make a connection to Sony and Viacom just as easy.
#14.3 (Edited 2544d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
patterson  +   2544d ago
Pulling articles from 2006 is pretty lame.

So what, Viacom sold a music publisher to Sony in 2007.
Deal is done. They made their money.

An advertising partnership for the next 5 years is way different.
Expect them to be a talking piece for MS during that time.
Ldubbz  +   2544d ago
@ Zeus

I have no idea what those links prove.

I find it funny that the second a publication isnt bending over backwards for Sony, they are bought by MS. None of this is proven mind you, nor does it make any sense.
#14.5 (Edited 2544d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2544d ago
I like'em both! After getting my PS3 I wouldn't have it any other way.

That last catagory is subjective but I agree in general with what they said.
WhittO  +   2544d ago
how can the 360 have more "bang for the buck"

They said because better online experience, ye maybe, but that insnt included in the price tag, thats like an EXTRA $40 a year.

Theres no inbuilt WIFI or Blutooth or Bluray and cant be upgraded to larger HDD etc, how exactly is that more bang for your buck ?!

rest wer ok
#16 (Edited 2544d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Dark General  +   2544d ago
I agree with what most people here said. I agreed with everything up until the "bang for your buck" category. At the very least it could have been a tie. Because $400 for everything the Ps3 can do really is good value.
Godmars290  +   2544d ago
Bit odd that they give the PS3 more than a point for features yet rate it far lower on Bang for Buck.

And no, haven't read/watched the thing, probably wont, but its an easy guess that they're giving the 360 BfB because of the Arcade SKU. Which can't possibly be right, especially if you need a HDD.
Dark General  +   2544d ago
Nope they didn't even mention the arcade sku. Just netflix and Live mostly.
jcgamer  +   2544d ago
wiggidy wiggidy WACK!

Bladestar  +   2544d ago
Here is the key you sony leg humpers and real gamers should look at.

CNet was very specific and said that this was about "The best GAME console"...

They did say that the PS3 "Was the best PS3 blu-ray player for the price" so you should be happy. Why aren't you.

It's not new that:

Xbox 360 have the best online service.
Biggest best library of games.
And cost $100 less...

so.. what are you stupid blind?
NegativeCreep427  +   2544d ago
and yet I have read your posts before Bladestar...
that do not highlight these so called facts:

"Xbox 360 have the best online service.
Biggest best library of games.
And cost $100 less..."

As of late, you MS idiots have only fallen back on ONE SINGLE argument against the PS3, and that is sales numbers. What has happened? have all the recently-released simple-minded articles against Killzone 2 increased your fanboyism confidence? It sure seems like it.
dukadork3  +   2544d ago
hey bladestar
i just un-ignored you for a sec to tell you that you're ignored by 177 people as of today: lol

nobody gives a sh!t what you say, BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA!

back to ignore
SWANN  +   2544d ago
Because your a Microsoft Chunk biter!!!!!
Chaoticsoulx  +   2544d ago
Well, the 360 is 399, and the ps3 is 399
Ps3 comes with a blue ray player, 360 doesnt.. everything else is the same... and ps3 has more games, and a more stable online service, with dedicated servers... so i guess ps3 wins by a landslide.

review by a real gamer, not a paid corporate company.
Bladestar  +   2544d ago
Dedicated servers? What are you talking about?
since when that has anything to do with the PS3?

Lots of games use dedicated servers on the xbox 360.. for example, all EA games...

Unlike the PSN who limits the developers and forces them to have dedicated server online.. developers are allowed to implement Pear to pear or dedicated server.. which is why you see both on xbox live.

Now dedicated server can be a curse... for example.. can you name PS2 games who currently have online service? PS2 games who had online capabilities are dead.. while a ton of game on the orginal xbox can be played... with the exception of EA games that only had dedicated servers...

not every game should have dedicated server cry baby...

games on PSN future are the same as the PS2 online service... eventually they will all be taken down.. while many years from now you will still be able to play orginal xbox games online...

so much for better... when games online features have an expiration date on PSN...

Also... stop trying to refer to yourself as a real gamer... real gamers buy games... and based on NPD charts... PS3 is the last place gamers are going to get their games.
#21.1 (Edited 2544d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
xbotpleasefixme  +   2544d ago
der goes my nipples again der Edith
TriforceLightning  +   2544d ago
Proof that the console war is media fueled...
nuff said.
Ldubbz  +   2544d ago
Again, what?
CNET always does Prizefight comparos...Mac OS X vs Vista, iPod vs Zune, etc.

They would be doing their readers a disservice if they didnt do the same with consoles.
Godmars290  +   2544d ago
If they're giving points for features yet taking them away on overall value, how are they not doing a disservice?
Ldubbz  +   2544d ago
With that youre implying that their whole comparo is wrong, and I fail to see that.

Overall value means just that...obviously they didnt think the 1-point advantage on features gave it the edge as far as value is concerned. Makes perfect sense to me.
NegativeCreep427  +   2544d ago
Unless you are another Xbot Butt-Buddy that constantly needs reassurance that you own the best console (and it will FOREVER be the best console...LOL! F'n Xbots), skip this article. It is nothing but one-sided fanboy chicken-feed.
creeture  +   2544d ago
Cnet suck up to M$ all their articles are pro M$ anti PS3
ps34ever  +   2544d ago
ps3 is better
Chaoticsoulx  +   2544d ago
why do i care about ps2 games? you think i have time for that?
Well i guess that's the difference between 360 owners and ps3 owners, 360 owners are mostly 10 year old boys, who's parents bought them the cheapest system, and get games for christmas and their birthdays.

and ps3 owners have hdtv's and the ps3 for a blue ray player, and for games, and who can actually afford their own games.

see the problem with that though is, i have a lot less free time than the 10-15 year olds on xbox live, between friends, my gf and work, i'm very limited for time, and i could care less about the ps2 and old games. i just play new games mostly, and if an old game sucks so bad the servers cant stay up, ie haze, chances are i never bought the game to begin with..

see i know what a good game is, and the ps3 has all the good games now, and in the future, no matter what the 10-15 year olds tell you.

ps: real gamers do buy games, i have 13 games, 14 games next week with killzone 2, there's just alot less hardcore gamers than there is 10-15 year olds who buy games on xbox live. i'd rather play with all the mature good players, than a bunch of whiny kids.
#27 (Edited 2544d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2544d ago
Wow, way to generalize. If you didn't talk about your job I could swear this sounds like it's coming from a 10-13year old.

I'm afraid to ask how old you are because if you are a mature adult and you actually believe in that ridiculous generalization then that is sad. Usually I find the people talking about maturity to be the ones that are the youngest. You get over that "I'm so mature" sh*t by the time your in the mid twenties.

You don't have time for gaming but you have time to bash a system you don't like on a gaming site? Okay!

Well, I'm sorry to hold you up Mr Mature PS3 owner with so little time.. lol
#27.1 (Edited 2544d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
dan88123  +   2544d ago
It's all a matter of opinion.
electricgta  +   2544d ago
pretty fair apart from gfx, i mean cmon your comparing graphics, the best gfx not multiplats killzone 2 wipes em all out so yeah they cheated quite abit there..and bang for your buck rly.
exclusives what about all the ps3 downloadable content theres loads of it man and lol features for 360 no wireless and all that stuff and doesn't come with free online shouldda got a 3 for that ps3 rumored to have voice messaging in game and all that RUMOR: it was from a website some guy got it off a gametrailers reprosentative who claims to know a sony rp who sais update 2.7 brings ingame messaging web browser ingame ( i dont think so ) and alot of other stuff to make it on par
ChozenWoan  +   2544d ago
I knew this article was flamebait....
... and i took it anyways.

The first thing I noticed was the timing of this article. Exactly one week before "KZ2-day" and about one month before the EA sports complex for Home is opened to the public. On top of all of that there was no mention of "Reliability" factored into the Bang for the buck category nor upcoming games library. But hey, we all knew who was going to win by the time they gave the 360 bonus points for the controller... so oh well.
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