More 2 Days 2 Vegas Screens

The guys at Playstation Universe Magazine had an exclusive interview with the Russian base team [steel monkey] on their up coming game 2 Day 2 Vegas. They brought no less than 20 screens back with them.

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Sphinx4249d ago

Since before the 360 came out. I want this game very badly, and hope they get published and whatever else needs to happen so I can put this game in my disc tray.

Rasputin20114249d ago

I have been eye-balling this one for months mow and can not wait until I can add this to my collection.

Gamer134249d ago

It looks too good to be true, i think it was E3 2005 which i saw the first screens and i was blown away, give me an ingame footage to see wether these are actually ingame.

IM OUTR...///"""

ryanjtravis4249d ago

Looks amazing... I thought this game had kicked the bucket, but I'm very glad to see that I'm wrong about that!

THAMMER14249d ago

This game will be beasty.

Sphinx4249d ago

You, or your brother, just get out of jail, your brother is in Vegas and is in trouble... you are rushing there to help? Anyone wanna help me out here?

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The story is too old to be commented.