Neocrisis Retro Review: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Neocrisis: This game has almost the same atmosphere as any other World War II games. The only thing that makes this game different is that it has deep storyline, which feels like watching a movie. Other than that, the ability to order your squad to specific location, which is quite useful to be used as your cover fire, so that you can advance to another location without taking too much damage.

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Counter_ACT3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Retro...? Hell's Highway is pretty recent.

ff13lover3560d ago

well its not new or retro
however if you dont say retro then n4g idiots will say its OLD or some BS like that

xbox360achievements3560d ago

It is old ... no-one cares.

"Neocrisis ... the site that likes to spam up N4G with reviews for games that are already circling the drain."

Congrats on building a solid reputation.