Time flow remains an integral element of Dead Rising 2

Keiji Inafune, Capcom's Head of Research and Development, recently appeared on the Secret File Bionic Commando podcast. Though generally pretty tight lipped, he did talk a bit about the upcoming Dead Rising 2. Keiji revealed that the new character will have a lot more back story and personality than Frank, the protagonist from the first title, did, and that there will be more than just rescue and escape type objectives. He also revealed that the aforementioned time management flow of the first title will be returning, which was questionable after Capcom removed the aspect from the Wii version. Further, Keiji spoke boldly on the subject, saying that the time flow was an essential part of the Dead Rising franchise.

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LostChild3587d ago

I went from super excited, to some what excited. As long as there is no one calling me in the middle of zombie killing or on my way to a mission, It will be okay. I guess.