290°'s Daily News Roundup: February 19, 2008

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars preview

TGR writer Joe DeLia recently got some quality time with Rockstar's upcoming handheld murder simulator for the DS. Will it retain that GTA goodness or will Nintendo's presence dilute the experience?

X-men Origins: Wolverine Eyes-On Preview

Joe figured one preview wasn't enough, so he also sat in on a demo for the upcoming Wolverine game from Raven. We all know how movie tie-ins go, so hopefully this one can be one of the few to break the trend.

Top 5 Ways to Keep an Xbox Live Audience

Ever wonder why some games are played for years and others all but die in a few weeks? Brittany Vincent has composed this handy list of game design principles that keep gamers playing and communities alive.

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Viewtiful3562d ago

haha MS and Epic have been at each other's throats for years. Rightfully so. MS has totally screwed them so many times. As soon as Epic's contracts are up, you can bet they'll be gone.

GWAVE3562d ago

I feel bad for EPIC. Their efforts on the PS3 have gone largely unnoticed. UT3 is one of the best run-and-gun arena shooters on the market. PS3 owners get mouse/keyboard support, and they can use mods (which is awesome!). Yet, it didn't sell very well on the PS3. So, they're stuck with Microsoft.

Then again, I'm sure if they gave the PS3 a game with as much fanfare as Gears 2 it would be a different story.

cmrbe3562d ago

I am not sure about that. EPIC games are more suited to the xbox crowd. Even if they make a game like Gears for the PS3 i doubt it will sell as much on the PS3. EPIC games for tend to be less serious and basically more for the younger crowd.

vhero3562d ago

adding more fuel to the gears for multi platform fire this is but anyways the best part of the release is this
High demand PS3 features including PS3 Trophy support, two-player split-screen support, and mod browsing.
Seems the 360 split screen mode exclusives gone now.. Also soon as this comes out I gotta start UT3 again :(

DK_Switch3562d ago

The problem with that statement, cmrbe, is that it's predicated on the assumption that PS3 and Xbox "crowds" fit into a certain category of gamer, but this recent Killzone 2 crap suggests to me the PS3 has just as childish of an FPS fanbase as any platform.

See also: Team Fortress 2, Little Big Planet

callahan093562d ago

Hey I bought UT3 for the PS3 on day one and I loved that game. When it gets the Titan DLC, I'll definitely get back into it. I have a good friend who I used to play Unreal Championship with back on the original Xbox, and he's been wanting to get UT3 for PS3, so we'll both get into it when that DLC comes out. The game is only 20 bucks now, so he's already decided now's the time to buy it. I can't wait.

cmrbe3562d ago

The difference is KZ is alot more serious than Gears. Look at the background story for KZ.

boodybandit3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

KZ2 appears to be more like COD4, COD:WAW, RS:V vs Halo and Gears crowd.
I played them all and Halo / Gears draws a younger audience out of the gate vs the others.

No offense to the non idiots that love those titles but IMHO Halo and Gears has the worst fanbase out of all online games I have played and I have played them all. I didn't even wear my headset when I played Halo or Gears unless I was private chatting with friends.

sonarus3562d ago

Honest question how has microsoft screwed them?

Also the title is BS, The reason no DLC for 360 is because of Xbox live file size limitations. Not because EPIC hates Microsoft or any crap like that. The person who changed the title is a clown

drewdrakes3562d ago

Where is Epic going to run? As much as the PS3 is a great machine, it alone cannot generate the profits the 360 and PC have for them.

GiantEnemyCrab3562d ago

I'm with Sonarus. When has MS screwed Epic? At each others throats for years? You guys are as bad as the misleading headline. This has nothing to do with hate it has to do with file size limits. If anyone is going to get hate it will MS from the 360 UT3 owners who get shafted out of this DLC because MS has some completely stupid restrictions due to their hardware skimping.

JaggedSac3562d ago

I looked through those articles and I did not read anything about EPIC having something against Microsoft. Am I missing something here? Or is this just sensational titles wanting more clicks?

DK_Switch3562d ago

I know Killzone 2 is a more serious title, but I was talking about the reaction to the EDGE review and the letters they were sending in to G4. Somebody actually got mad at Adam Sessler over the "tone in his voice" or whatever even AFTER he gave it a perfect 5/5 score.

I've been on Home and I've seen the fanboys. You can't tell me the PS3 crowd is any more "mature" than those found any other platform, so it doesn't make sense to me that UT3 would be better suited for the 360 just because it's "less serious."

Mozilla893562d ago

For the first time I feel glad to have the game. I enjoyed it a little but these are the features I was looking for.the split screen is what I'm looking forward to the most.

Raoh3562d ago

unreal tournament 3 was way underrated.. adding the user created mods added a new experience to the game each time...

1ikedamaster3562d ago

Nowhere does it mention Epic hating on Microsoft. Article title = Fail.

It does finally give the PS3 trophy and split-screen support FINALLY!

quote from article...

"High demand PS3 features including PS3 Trophy support, two-player split-screen support, and mod browsing"

XxZxX3562d ago

but cliffyB love them



"Then again, I'm sure if they gave the PS3 a game with as much fanfare as Gears 2 it would be a different story."

And there lies the problem. Much (if not practically all) of the success Gears got was thanks to MS marketing machine. I'm not saying the game is bad, it's good (I don't like much of the art and plot, but it's really fun) but so is many games around that don't got that much sales. Actually, many better games didn't get those sales. MS know how to make their product shine and come to be known by everybody that could have even the remotest interest.

Again, Gears isn't a bad game, but (specially Gears 2 if we contextualize) there are better games nog getting near half of those sales.

I don't think EPIC will give up this installed base just because MS is annoying. For sure they can expand over to PS3 if they want to after the contract is ended. But unless they are bringing Gears itself (which is already more than marketed) you don't count on a game selling or gaining success enough to make Epic kiss MS goodbye.

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DK_Switch3562d ago

When asked for a reaction on Epic's comment, a Microsoft rep stated "they started it ..."

Actually, I made that up, but it would be funny, no?

ThePimpOfSound3562d ago

Newell's got a point. Why buy when it's cheaper and easier to pirate?

SirLarr3562d ago

Yeah exactly, that's why you have to make it more convenient for consumers to get their products legally. Putting in more headaches and DRM is only going to push them away.

NeverforgetNES3562d ago

Piracy, I wish I was a pirate. That would be awesome.

darthv723562d ago

only if MS can charge for it. That is probably why it isnt going to be available. Size matters not but the amount of content being given away for free is where ms has a line drawn. Epic wants to give it away and ms wants $$ for doing so through their service.